Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Color Worksheets

And 4 more worksheets  !

Worksheet 1. Only 6 six colors, I will do the other 6 in the future using the same format.

I created a book for children to take home. Remember to use these as flashcards first.

Worksheet 2.  I saw this craft idea of wrapping with yarn, I had never done it before and thought it would be nice to try.  I found it easy and fun. After coloring each crayon , hand in a somewhat long string of yarn and have the children go around the crayon in the same color. Make a small knot in the back when they are done. And , before you start, attach tape to the yarn so it won´t move.

Worksheet 3. A little review of previous lessons.

Teacher:  Show me a crayon. (Students point to the crayon. )
Color the crayon red.

After coloring, I have the children cut and paste their picture onto colored craft sticks. Let them dry and cut apart. They can have fun putting all the school objects together.

Worksheet 4. I found these cute monsters to color and create patterns.
Have the children color each pattern line as you direct them.

Teacher: red monster, orange monster, red monster, orange monster

Then have the children cut all the monsters and glue them onto yogurt caps which are usually larger than the bottle caps. They can create patterns on their desks  with their group.

Students: blue, blue, yellow, yellow.

Two blog posts related to the Color Unit.

 Come back soon !

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