Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Color Worksheets

I just noticed that I hadn´t done any Color Theme flashcards, so here are 12  to play some games that are around this blog.
And  more worksheets  !
Worksheet 1 and 2. Only 6 six colors in each worksheet. The children colro the splothces and then trace the word. After  have them make a book  to take home. I made it as an acordion book. Remember to use these as flashcards first.
For the other colors,do a clasifying or sorting activity. I took out my old puncher and made these splotch kind in cardboard. I cut out all the cards from the worksheet and made a color mat on construction paper.  Sorting the colors requieres logical thinking.

Worksheet 3.  I saw this craft idea of wrapping with yarn, I had never done it before and thought it would be nice to try.  I found it easy and fun. After coloring each crayon , hand in a somewhat long string of yarn and have the children go around the crayon in the same color. Make a small knot in the back when they are done. And , before you start, attach tape to the yarn so it won´t move.

Worksheet 3. A little review of previous lessons.
Teacher:  Show me a crayon. (Students point to the crayon. )
Color the crayon red.
After coloring, I have the children cut and paste their picture onto colored craft sticks. Let them dry and cut apart. They can have fun putting all the school objects together.

Worksheet 4. I found these cute monsters to color and create patterns.
Have the children color each pattern line as you direct them.
Teacher: red monster, orange monster, red monster, orange monster
Then have the children cut all the monsters and glue them onto yogurt caps which are usually larger than the bottle caps. They can create patterns on their desks  with their group.
Students: blue, blue, yellow, yellow.
Worksheet 5 and 6. Some cute pencils to color accordingly. 

And after that is done, children cut them out. Play some games with the individual crayons. Give them a big construction paper and have them glue the crayons where they belong.

Worksheet 7. Children color the sloptch with their favorite color. As them: What is your favorite color? Then make a bar graph using the splotches either on the floor, the wall  or on the board. I made the splotch in black and white so you can print onto colored paper or cardboard to save ink. Or there is a set that you can color yourself or the children.

Worksheet 8.  All schools have a set of colors that identifies them. Ask the children about it. 
Link to the Letter Arts and Crafts for the Color Unit.

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