Thursday, September 7, 2017

Letters arts and crafts Collection

Years ago I created a product with 26 letters for my students along with the workbook I designed. It has been successful and I thought of making all the letters for all the preschool themes. 

Use these  letters as manipulatives for literacy foundation as they reinforce concept. As they create their letter they can see and feel the shape, curve, lines of that specific letter and physically touching the letter. They can trace their letter by helping their with visual letter recognition. Then, progress into letter sound as each letter is related to a word that they are learning in English. ESL/EFL students have to learn a new alphabet and the language associated to it.
The letters will capture students interest  because of the novelty of the activity. It can be an activity to introduce the letters, to review vocabulary within the themes. Even though it takes time, I suggest that you make your own version to show students all the ways to make their letters and all the art things that they use, such as paints, cotton balls, sand, your imagination is the limit.

As you move along the Preschool Book series that you are working with, help the students learn the letters. The students can make the craft letters or you can make them for the class and use it as flash letters or to play games, They work as decoration, too. Review vocabulary and pronunciation with the letters as they name all the words.

In most ESL books the alphabet is missing ! It is up to us ESL/EFL teachers to teach the letters of the alphabet in Preschool or Kindergarten. Make sure that the students can name most of letters, it doesn't matter the order. By teaching them the letters it will predict that your students will be able to read in English in the future. Your students will learn the alphabet by doing lots of practice in many different ways.
 I will be adding pictures of the letters on my other social media, so you get a chance to see all 224 letters.

I created a Board named: Letter Arts and crafts.
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  1. These letters are so cute! This is a great way to practice the alphabet!

  2. They are super cute! Thanks for sharing ideas.

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