Thursday, December 12, 2019

Make a Christmas Tree

LINK to the free resource:

I had this product from last year and didn't get to post it !
I made the tree onto fun foam, but you can do it on paper. 
 First, print the parts of the tree template.

The tree will come out as a doble letter size paper. You can have the students cut out the parts and build it or just give them the lights and ornaments to glue onto a tree. There are many options depending on your class.
Mine as I said is made out of fun foam. I love fun foam. It is easy to work with and it is durable.
I added several string of yarn to place the lights and ornaments. You can also do velcro.
I made it as a listening and speaking activity. Check the video.

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

More Weather resources for Preschool ESL

I am adding more resources to my last weather product. (if you have it an email will show up to get it for free) Here is the link to the blog post: 

SO, what is new?
First a game board. Just to add a little cooperative learning to the ESL classroom setting. I taped a metal clip that I opened onto each game marker. Students say the name of the weather where they land and say the numbers of the die as they move on the squares.

Mobile! The good thing about them is that they go with theme and can be done with anything, I used a hanger and half of a plastic plate. Even though they are simple to make so children might need assistance and that is a chance for you to speak about the vocabulary words. After all it is a nice decoration for the classroom.

After they are done, students can say all the vocabulary words as they point to them. Here is a short video.

I haven’t created more awards in all this time. I saw these tickets and thought of how it is for children to receive an award. Give them at the end of the lesson assessment.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Family Unit Puppets

Here is the link to an update to the family puppets! and FREE!!!
Puppets are great for speaking activities. I made the words traceable if the students are prewriting.
Use the puppets to introduce the vocabulary words.

Place the puppets hiding in the classroom. Have the students find them.
Teacher: Point to mom.

There is a game that many might know. Step Forward! Give each student a puppet and have them stand in a line facing the class. As you say the word the child with the puppets steps forward and says the word.
Teacher: Daddy, step forward.

Use the puppets to review greetings or farewell!

Ask yes/no questions.

                         Ask more questions. 

This is the link to the product with more ideas.
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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Seasons Unit Worksheets for Preschool ESL

I made new worksheets for the Seasons Unit for Preschool ESL.
(The worksheets come with the resources that I used with Seasons blog post) 
 It’s an addition to the Seasons blog post:
First let’s have the children color and trace the word for the 4 Seasons.
Then, I made two worksheets for each seasons with the words that are related to each. Have the students cut all the cards and play with them as flashcards.
I also made some headings to make it easier to sort and do activities with the worksheets. Have the students color each words by assigning a color to each letter as you review the alphabet.
Teacher:  FALL!!  Color letter F green! Color letter A yellow! Color both letter L red!
Students can sort all the flashcards into Seasons using the Headings.
Students can also sort the cards using a recycled container. I grabbed some recycled margarine containers that were big enough for the cards. I glued a Season card inside each one.

 Begin the sorting.

I made these children in seasons related clothes and activities to sort as well. I glued them onto toilet paper tubes.

Sorting the toilet paper children puppets into seasons using the Headings.

Then, plan different activities for each Season.
I made craft stick puzzle with winter flashcards. I glued each flashcards onto craft sticks and carefully cut them apart using an x-acto knife.

I made a garland with the Fall flashcards. I glued each one onto a long ribbon.

Turned the Winter worksheets into craft stick puppets for Speaking activities.
Teacher: What color is the snowflake?
Students: It’s blue!

And Spring worksheets can make for a wreath made out of plastic plate.

There’s an old lady who ate the flashcards. I made  mine using the printables and an old cereal box. I cut the mouth out with an x-acto knife.

And I added the start and finish cards to complete a game board for any seasons, I chose Summer.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Butterfly and Bugs Unit for ESL Learners

Get all the resources here: 

or here:
I always begin the lesson introducing the vocabulary with flashcards. These are half letter size.
Place them around the classroom and have the students run to bug that you mention.
Teacher: Run to the bee!
Add Math to your ESL Lesson planning.  Experts agree that teaching Math improves the English language learning. I found these butterflies that I made out of fun foam many years ago.

And I thought that you could make some butterflies like mine. I am adding a template but you can get any other from google. The numbers are from a package that I found at a store years ago. I also included some numbers if you want to make them out of fun foam. So you are all set.

Make a number sequence or Number Line. Students are already familiar with the number sequence in their own language. Use the props or visuals. Do as much speaking as you go through the Number Line. Ask questions.
Teacher: One, two, three…!
Teacher: What color is number 3?
Students: red!
Teacher: green!
Students: Number 6!
Number sense or counting. Math is based on number sense and can be practiced through hands on experiences. Students can build their own strategy to come up to glue all the bugs to make a number. In case Number 10 and 10 bees that the students cut and paste on the butterfly.
Or Students cut the printable bugs and glue them to add up to the number on each butterfly.
Teacher: Look at Butterfly number 6! How many snails are there?
Students: two!
How many butterflies are there?
Students: two!
How many flies are there?
Students: two! 
Match butterflies with colors either do it with a pocket chart or on the desk. Pocket charts are a supplement to your getting your students involved in the lesson.
Or it can be a whole sentence.

I traced the butterfly on paper and had the students glue all piece and write the word a or an. Have the students to color the butterfly and trace the word butterfly. I cut all the butterflies and made a ring book.
Match bug words to the picture. This can be done as independent working time. Students cut out the pictures and glue them under each bug on the butterfly previously traced and cut.
You can also have the students write phrases on their notebooks.
I have more resources and ideas for the Bug Unit.
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Make a Christmas Tree

LINK to the free resource: I had this product from las...