Sunday, April 4, 2010

Color Theme

                  1.Bean Bags: I made these jelly bean shape bean bags for teaching colors.Get some boxes and draw a colored splotch on the front, I used these cut outs that came with the book (Sprinkles 1-Richmond Publishing) . You can also give each child a color beanbag and then give them instructions to follow such as: "Touch your eyes", "Put the beanbag on your head" ,etc.
2. Cheerleader Pompoms: I bought these pompoms made of tissue paper. They´re great for playing games, such as: show me blue, put the pompoms on your head, put the pompoms to your left and so on.Play some music and have them sing color songs that usually come with the book series you are working with.
3. Crayon sorting : Use colored plates and crayons.

4. Button sort : I got these plastic cups and glue a colored buttons on each one. I bought a dozen of buttons of different colors and had the children sort the buttons.
Another idea is to use paint cups for sorting the buttons.  

5.  Wooden beads: Use the same paint cups to sort wooden beads. The children sort the beads by placing them inside the matching colored paint cup.I sell the cups and wooden beads. Let me know if you want them.

6. Color patterns : I printed these color cards from the web and made a pattern, but I also made one using balls printed on constrcution paper.
7. M&M: Use these candies for lots of math activities, such as graphing,and making more patterns.  

 8. Pompoms: I glued a pompom on used french fries containers from Burger King. Have students sort the colored pompoms.

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