Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shapes Activities for Preschool ELL


1. Bowling: Get a bowling set, add Velcro to each pin and cut out of construction paper the shapes that you working on( add Velcro). Play the famous game.

2. Shape Collage:
Give students many shapes in different colors and have them create a collage and then show the class their work naming all the shapes.

3. File Folder Games:
I love file folder games.Here are some. Get them at: http://www.childcareland.com/. I like to use colored folders.

4. Lacing cards: make them out of construction paper, cardboard or fun foam, add some colored laces and you have got a nice Center activity. 

5. Patterns: I made these shape puppets out of fun foam for making patterns. Give them out to the students and have them line up using the shape puppet.

And make some puppets that play as big and small.

6. Pompoms: I love using pompoms...here´s another idea.Got the templates at this wonderful blog:

7. Books: I found this book at http://www.kidssoup.com/ and made it using felt shapes, a lot easier than cutting and looks cute.

8. Shape Necklace: I made this necklace using colored straws. I saw this idea at http://www.childcareland.com/

9. Flashcards are a great option for some fun games. Play Slap: Students listen and touch the right card to get points.

10. Here´s a Bean Bag game I made for the book: Sprinkles 2 (Richmond Publishing)

The book comes with the body parts as cutouts, but with bean bags, give instructions to the students. " Throw the triangle bean bag to the leg".
I made all the shapes .

11. Shape Games: got them at http://www.childcareland.com/.

12. Big Fun Foam Shapes: I made these for playing the game TOSS AND SAY (from the book Jellybeans1) Place 9 fun foam shapes like mine on the floor.Have students throw a beanbag to a shape and say the shape: a red circle.


  1. Muchas gracias por compartir todo esto! He sacado muy buenas ideas. Te sigo en el blog, seguro que encontraré mucha inspiración por aquí :)

    1. Crispy, me encantaria que fueras una invitada en este blog para que escribas una entrada

  2. Great advice. I will try and give some of it ago. I also collected some materials for teaching shapes and posted them here http://www.kidsesl.net/2015/10/teaching-shapes.html


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