Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Color theme Second edition

Shaving cream: I saw this idea and had to give it a try, it ´s simply mixing shaving cream and a few drops of any coloring food color. This idea is so much fun.

Clothespin: Got the templates at, and used these lovely clothespin to mark the color word.

Find a partner: This lovely game can be played with cards. I got mine at and used them to play the game.

Floor circles: Draw big circles on the floor using sidewalk chalk. Have the students stand in the circles. T: Susan, stand on yellow.
Have students sit on the circles. T: Karen, sit on blue.
Have students hop on a circle. T: Ana, hop on red.
Have students get together in groups of two or three. T: Susan and Ana stand on green.

Balloon patterns: The book came with these balloon worksheets, but you can make it with any design. The kids colored each balloon in a given color. Then they made a pattern by standing in line as the teacher called a colored balloon,like red balloon, yellow balloon, red balloon, yellow balloon. You can make any pattern you need to work on.

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