Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feelings/ Emotions Theme

For children, happy and sad are easier to draw on a face than any other emotion. So teach them on the board how to draw a surprised or scared face using the mouth region. Use bright colors for the mouth, such as red or orange.  Have students recognize emotions on pictures or cartoons.

Flashcards: The right hemisphere of the brain is the image brain. Flashcards stimulate the image brain activating the photographic memory. Flashcards with pictures make visualization easier. It will increase children´s reading ability in the future. T

I am giving for free the very first flashcards that I made for my students.

Feelings camera: This printable camera can be used for this lesson or at any time when emotions are an issue in class. Have some students pose an emotion or use it yourself.
I also added some polaroid  blank photo templates for the students to draw their emotional face.

Bean Bag Game: Draw 2 circles with sidewalk chalk o more if you want to review other emotions. Draw a happy face and a sad face on each one. For the circle I helped myself with a Hula Hoop. 
Have students throw beanbags onto a face and name the feeling: happy or sad.
Ask individual students if they are happy or sad ,  have him or her make the corresponding expression and throw the beanbag.

The idea of the worksheets is to think out of the box, to take the students a little further than just filling out a sheet of paper. It can serve the purpose to review basic concepts and to continue to a more creative purpose. Motivate the little ones with craft-like activities, giving them lots of  exposure to English. Each child can use his/her own creative way. 

 Puppets: I made these puppets out of fun foam and added wiggly eyes.

Paper Plate Puppets:Go to and get the templates. I used white paper plates, painted the face in pale pink. Then, I colored and glued the pieces.

Feelings patterns: using the same faces, I made these out of cardboard. Have children make patterns on the board. Start the pattern with a hapy or sad cutout. Distribute the remaing cutouts to individual students. Elicit the pattern from the class and have the individual students place the cutouts and continue the pattern.
T: sad, happy... What comes next ?
Ss: happy.
Do as many times as you want changing the pattern.

 Door hanger: I made this craft for the children, but it can be done to hanger on the door knob in class, to signal the children if you are happy or sad. get the template here:

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  1. Great post, thank you for the freebie! :)

  2. Great post with fantastic ideas. Very cute too.

  3. Thanks for these ideas. I love the flashcards.

  4. Thank you for the ideas and the freebie!

  5. Great freebie! Can't wait to use your freebie as part of my morning meeting! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. These activities are great ideas for any class or homeschool class. Thanks for sharing.


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