Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Transportation Theme

Game: Find a partner.Have a group of students stand up in the front of the class. Give them a card in ramdom order. Tell them to find a partner and stand together to complete the picture. Have the rest of the class say if the pictures are correct and name the means of transportation.
As a group, some students can play memory pairs. Place all the cards face down on a table. A member of the group turns over any two cards, If the pictures match, the student keeps the cards. If the cards do not match, turn the cards over and another student from the group take the turn. Continue, the students with the most pairs wins.

Game : What´s in the bag ? Place the vehicles cutouts in a bag. Take a cutout out from the bag and show it to a student. Have the student name and describe the object.
T: What´s this ?
S: Helicopter.
T: What color is it ?
Ss: brown.

Repeat the procedure until all the students have participated.

Activity: Sort by transportation.Divide the board in quarters. Attach one cutout of a different transportation in each section. Ask students to identify what the cutouts are.
Shuffle the remaining cutouts and place them face down on the table. Have an individual student come up, take a cutout and place it in the corresponding section on the board. Repeat the procedure until all the cutouts have been sorted.

Activity: Sorting by land, air, sea.

I used the cutouts from the book I can 2, Richmond Publishing. 
Activity: Sorting by color. 
Place the sheets of colored paper on the floor in a line.
Have students come up, get a cutout, name it and place it on the corresponding sheet of colored paper.

Wheels on the bus Song: I found this song in the Cd that comes with the book Jellybeans 3, Richmond Publishing. I made props to go along with the song and a video with my kids using them. 
I found these race cars at, once again, http://www.makinglearningfun.com/.

They are good for lining up the car and review number order.

Using the pointer.
Place the vehicles cutouts on the board (bike, car, boat, airplane, helicopter, bus). Use the car pointer to name each each cutout. Have students repeat the names.
T: car. Repeat.
Ss: car.
Then have a student come up to the board and get a cutout, say its name and place it in any place around the room and sit down. Give students commands for pointing to different cutouts.
T: Point to the black bike.

I´m starting to make more pointers for each theme.

Patterns:Make a pattern with the book´s cutouts.

Give a student a cutout (bus) and ask him/her to stand up at the front of the class. Then give another student another cutout (car) and do the same. Then ask the class what comes next, they should say (bus) and give the cutout (bus )to another student, and do the same with the car. Continue until you have used all the cars and buses.

Book: Red car,red car , What do you see ?
I got the book at http://www.childcareland.com/, one of my favorite sites. I made some adjustment to suit my class.The template is here:

Tags: I made these tags for writing the children´s name. But you can make tags for writing "Superstar Student", "Great Work" and give them to the students as a motivational prize at the end of the class.

Get the template:  http://es.scribd.com/doc/55147248/Transportation-name-tags

Graphing: Lovely idea and can be done with any theme. Here´s the template for making your own. I did mine on cardboard and took it to the class. I also brought the small pieces of paper. I asked the children to draw their favorite means of transportation and then had them bring in their picture once I started calling for car, boat and so on. I put tape behind each picture to put them up. I counted with the students how many cars, boats,etc.

Here ´s the link for making the graph:

Driving activity: Give each student a transportation picture and have them decorate their picture. Have students make groups according to their picture: cars, tucks, buses. Place the big numbers 1 to 6 in different parts of the room.
Give students directions for driving to different numbers.
T: Cars , go to number 6.

Buses, go to number 3.
Trucks, go to number 1.
Give as many directions as necessary.

As for the templates, please write and I will e-mail them to you. (ei98srl@gmail.com)

Highway number tracks:

I found the templates at http://www.makinglearningfun.com/, but I made them out of fun foam for durability. I bought toy cars and buses.

Beanbags: You know that I always make a beanbag for my themes. This time I made an airplane. Download your template:

Toss the beanbag Game:
Hold the cutouts and have students name them all.
Place the cutouts on the floor face up. Have students in a circle around the cutouts. Throw the beanbag at the car and have the students identify it.
Give students the chance to throw the beanbag and have the class identify the object it falls on chorally.

Coloring student´s book: Sometimes just using crayons in class is boring for the kids. So, here are some ideas for completing the activities.

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  1. Wow! You have awesome teaching projects here! I love that bean bag chicken from your March 1st post too-- what a hoot!

    Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find yours! What a great resource you are!

    Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog)

  2. Thanks Nadia!
    Where are you from ?
    I also invite you to join me at my Facebook group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.
    Rosa Amelia

  3. This will enhance the skills of the students. I really appreciate this great educational work!@boseTransportation CV Templates

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Come back often.
      I also invite you to join me at my Facebook group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.

  4. You have such wonderful ideas. What are the age of your students? I am teaching 3's kids and would love to modify some of your activities. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Come back often.
      I am not currently teaching, I´m just dedicated to my blog and my teacher´s store.
      I also invite you to join me at my Facebook group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.

  5. Thank you so much! I was having trouble thinking of activities, and you have SO many fun ones on here. Thank you! I am bookmarking your blog. :)

  6. Amazing activities!!!!! Really creative, congratulations Rose!!!

  7. For the first image, of where the pictures are transformed into a puzzle. Where do I get pictures for that? Is there a template to download?


  8. Thank you! These are perfect for my students.

  9. For the first image, of where the pictures are transformed into a puzzle. Where do I get pictures for that? Is there a template to download?

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