Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Circus Unit for the Preschool ELL

I am adding more resources to the previous Circus Unit.

I always start with a set of flashcards. This theme can work well for the end of the school year as a review unit.

Introduce the Circus people and place them one by one on a side of the Circus flashcard. Do the same with the animals. There are also food flashcards.
Have several students come to the front and touch the flashcard as you name them and mime a corresponding action.

Worksheet 1. Picture Dictation. Hand in any chracter worksheet. Review body and clothes.
Teacher: Look at the clown. His hair is yellow.

Worksheet 2. Dictate how to draw the parts of the face but using shapes. Also use feelings.
Teacher: The clown has blue triangle eyes.
Teacher: The clown is happy.
Worksheet 3. The students color as you dictate and then paste where the characters belong. There words for tracing.
Worksheet 4.Review numbers and colors to finish this tent.

Teacher: Number 6 is orange.

Worksheet 5. I found this idea on Pinterest. Grab a bunch of Q-tips and put a rubber band around them. Dip the Q-tips into paint and start stamping the hair. It came out curly!
Worksheet 6. After just coloring the worksheet, have the student cut it up in several pieces. Then put the pieces in a bag and exchange with another student to put the puzzle together.
A Circus Banner that is easy to make in groups and hang around the class. Reviews the alphabet.

Give a necklace to each student. Have the students make a Circus Parade around the classroom acting as their character or animal. At your signal have the students go to a side of your classroom if they are animals or characters. Use the signs. 
Ask questions.
Teacher: How many animals are there in this group ?
Students: ten !
Teacher: How many dogs ?
Students: three dogs !
Teacher: How many elephants ?
Students: five elephants !
Do the same with the characters.

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