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Numbers teaching resources for the Preschool ELL

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Very young learners need to understand math vocabulary and have the opportunity to use it with every theme. Math is linked to language. I make resources keeping in mind to bring math to the theme or unit.

Number Flashcards:  Here are the numbers 1 to 10 in a different color each. Have the children identify the number and the color.

Teacher: What number is this?
Students: Two!
Teacher: What color is number two?
Students: Orange!
Then say a color and students say the number.
Teacher: purple!
Students: five!
Do it all the way around.
Teacher: nine!
Students: Black!

I included black and white flashcards just in case you want to use only black ink or you can color each number in 10 different colors and have a wider variety to play Bingo ! .  And I included a number only flashcard for more activities, such as writing the number or drawing objects.

Many manipulatives can be used to review counting. I used pompoms, mini erasers, yogurt bottle caps, clothespins, magnetic numbers and fun foam pieces. If you use anything else please leave a comment for other teachers.

This is a body and number game that I found in an old book and that changed a little bit and added more features. My children said it looked like Twister, it might be. Place all the numbers in order or random order on the floor.

Teacher: Hand on number 4!  (You can use right hand or left hand) Show the hand flashcard.
Teacher: Arm on number one!
For many teachers a worksheet doesn´t mean that hands on learning can occur, but if you use a different strategy, a worksheet can be a way of a student taking control over learning. 
Model and show how the worksheet has to be done. It will make students motivated to do it. I always make mine beforehand, just to make sure that the worksheet is right and many ideas can come up on how to use it effectively.

Worksheet 1.  Assign a color to each number for the children to color.

Teacher: Number 1 is red.

After cut them out and use as flashcards. Play Show me!
Teacher: Show me number 3.
Students: Three.
Teacher: What color is number 3?
Students: Blue.

Use the worksheet to make 10 flashcards. Just cut them. Have the children make a number line on the floor.
And also make a book. I made mine using fun foam pieces. But it´s your call, use anything you want.
WS 2. Color by number. But after the worksheet is done, draw some lines and cut it. Children will have to put it back together and can even glue it on a piece of paper.

Ws 3. Domino means numbers…There are two ways of doing it. One is that children fill in the dots and make up the number. The other is that children cut the dominos pieces and glue them where it corresponds.

Ws 4. Puzzle. I found the puzzle pieces clip art and created this worksheet.

Teacher: Glue Number 3, Number 8 and Number 4.
Invent more!

A very old blog entry about numbers with some ideas.

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