Saturday, August 13, 2016

Shape Worksheets for Preschool ELL

I prepared more worksheets. This time for the Shape Theme. The link includes the worksheets and more from my other blog.

Worksheet 1. Flashcards. I use this worksheet as flashcards. Play some of the games posted in my other blog entries. Then children glue each one onto paper plates and cut them in different ways to create puzzles.

Worksheet 2.  Great for reviewing boy and girl and making patterns.  I made the children draw a silhouette around each boy in blue and  red for the girls. Then cut all the silhouettes and make a pattern on the desk. The pattern can be according to the shapes or colors.

Teacher: boy, girl, boy, girl.
Once the pattern has been established, children make a necklace to take home and repeat the pattern to their parents.

Worksheet 3. Here we review colors, use bottle caps . 
Teacher: yellow bottle cap on the yellow triangle!
Teacher: green bottle cap on the red circle.
Give more directions.
I placed colored paper with the shape on it. I had some shapes from an old book and had the children sort them by shape and then by color.

Worksheet  4. I designated a color for each shape.
Teacher: Find all the circles. Color the circles green.
Students cut all the shapes. Previously, prepare Cd envelopes  and glue a shape on each. Have all the children at the table place all the shapes in the designated envelope.

Worksheet 5. The first worksheet has to be colored as you assign. Then, children can cut out the shapes and make a sequence as you say them:
Teacher: triangle, circle,square, rectangle.
Hand them the shape book printable. It´s better if you put it together and just have them glue in the sequence that you said or have the students make up a sequence. The book folds up into a small packet and opens as in the picture.

Worksheet 6. Again have the students color the shapes, notice that some are big and the others are small. There is another worksheet with the words.
Give the students a big paper and have them sort the shapes and glue the corresponding words.

Worksheet 7. This worksheet has to do with the parts of the face. Students add the missing part.
Teacher: Look at the triangle. What´s missing ?
Students: The ears!
Teacher: Let´s draw the ears. Color the triangle green.
Continue with the other shapes.

I remembered how this girl has grown up. I have this picture on Pinterest with more than 6300 repins and thought that I could redo the necklace.

I created Shapes flashcards and more resources. They are posted at my other blog and are perfect for Preschool as well.

In 2010 I posted some ideas and activities for the Shape Unit. You can find them here.

If you need any templates from this specific blog entry, please write:

And during the years I have related shapes with other themes.

I made some letter arts and crafts related to this theme. You can play games such as SWAT! or cut them in pieces and make puzzles.

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