Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween @ Facebook

Halloween is just in few days. I´ve been looking around in so many Facebook Pages. I´ve always wonder how the teachers celebrate all over the world in their classrooms.
Not so many schools celebrate Halloween, but the ones that do, it´s a big deal. You all know that Language is Culture, that´s  why you include it in your lesson planning.
All the schools have a  party with innovative costumes and candy.
These were my favorite, an inspiration.

1. ABC Kids in Serbia.
As in many countries ,crafts are a must do for Halloween. I loved the ghost masks which can´t scare anyone. The teachers read Halloween stories to the kids, which was one of the few sites that I saw that.  I also noticed that the pumpkins are tangerines.

2. English for Kids in Venezuela. Halloween in my home country!
They run several school in the city. I got pictures from some of them.
The kids played Musical Chairs, I guess. There were  games and crafts to motivate
children´s interest towards another country´s culture and Holidays. Don´t miss the photo booth.
3. Kiddy Cat English Island in Japan. Nice  classroom decoration ! Teachers have put in a lot of thought for developing cultural awareness, bringing rich content to make this Holiday fun. It is the first time that I see skeleton crowns and I love it to review the parts of the face.

3. Hello English in Chile. There´s  a variety of activities that address language, math, small motor skills and creativity.Bingo has been a favorite game for Halloween parties, especially when working with older kids.

4. María Kinder Kids in Romania.Teachers have focused the curriculum with different activities. They have managed to bring in the Holiday to the class.The bat spoon was interesting and new for me. I guess it is a wood spoon converted into a bat.The pumpkins were done in school with the parents.

5. Guarderia Bilingüe María Allende in Spain.  Children can appreciate other cultural heritage by doing all these crafts. The bat craft was my favorite, this is a versatile craft, it can be done on a witch, Frankenstein or a ghost.
6. Summer Fields Preschool- Kuala Lampur. These projects allow students individual creativity. Your spider decoration using a balloon is one of my favorite. Your decorations are awesome.

7. Sunny Point- Argentina.This school has a sense of fun with meaningful activities, expanding children´s knowledge and interest for a foreign Holiday. I found on your page lots of creative games to play during the party.

 8. Tiptoe Day Care. Beirut. I loved the door, the eyes are paper plates!! It was a language exploration even for the very little ones. The pumpkin face is adorable.

9.We Love English. Colombia.  The crafts are so pretty and offers a range of Halloween vocabulary and the possibility to review the parts of the face.There is a craft for each Vocabulary word, such as a spiders, ghosts, witches, pumpkins. The q-tips sketeton is amazing.
10. Colegio San Agustín El Marques. Venezuela. Teacher: Mariaymed Rodulfo

Her class time is devoted to playing number games, coloring parts of the face and reviewing vocabulary words from previous lessons.

With Holidays always keep a balance between the party and the activities that endorse Language skills. Research the Holiday before class so you can implement it appropiately.

Here´s an e book link:

I have more Halloween posts with ideas and resources that might be helpful.
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