Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween 4 th edition

Culture learning is the process of acquiring the culture-specific and culture-general knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for effective communication and interaction with individuals from other cultures. It is a dynamic, developmental, and ongoing process which engages the learner cognitively, behaviorally, and affectively.

These flashcards are great for teaching Halloween vocabulary.
I made the big cards so it is easy to introduce the new words to the whole class.  I also created the medium size cards which are a god resource for smaller groups. All visual learners can benefit greatly from this classroom tool.

Content: 20 vocabulary words (black and white and colored version, big flashcards and medium size) vampire,  Jack o' lantern, bat, witch, witch's hat, broom, haunted house, spider, Frankenstein, ghost, mummy, cat, skeleton, candy , broom, cauldron, candy corn, tombstone, bag, Dracula.
All Flashcards and all theHalloween resources portrayed here are sold at the Teachers Pay Teachers Store, a packet of 107 pages, everything comes in the black /white and colored version. Link:

Decorate the classroom! If you have your own classroom, hang up some Holiday decorations that your students can make using their creativity. You can hang a clothesline, or hang them up from the ceiling. These crafts can be used a learning opportunity as you can review the vocabulary words just by pointing to the crafts every day, instead of always reviewing with the flashcards.

As with technology evolving so fast, parents and teachers forget the benefits of coloring pages, so here´s one that I created. The coloring page will assist at having students focus on the task and concentration. Use it for reviewing colors by giving directions: The bat is black. Color the bat black. Then, have students give the coloring direction to the class. Don´t miss the practice of the hand eye coordination. Besides, psychologically speaking, the way the students color their page, can express how they feel.
Halloween Dominoes: play this game in class and have them participate in groups of 4 so they have to set the rules in English and practice taking turns .Many mental skills are at work when they have to find the correct piece to continue the game.

Practice patterns now , and later on the students will be able to identify the variety of spelling patterns in English.

Flap book. I was inspired to create this Halloween flap after one that I saw on the web many years ago. It is easy to make and adapt to your color word needs. Print out all the pages from the file and used them accordingly. I made the black and white version and the colored one.

Read and read to your students. Their ability to read in English in the future will greatly depend on these reading  sessions during the preschool years that will build up their efficiency by  finding the necessary connections between the words , sentences and concepts .

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