Friday, September 4, 2015

Playground, Recess, Park

On this blog post I will only refer to the playground items. On another post on my blog:, there will be all the actions related to the playgroud.

Links for the downloads, free for limited time only:

1.        Flashcard s help children learn key vocabulary. Pronounce each word as you demonstrate and interact with the flashcard. The flashcards can be used as word wall, hang them using a clothespin.

Have children find the words in the flashcard as they read the story book.

  Create your park scene .

             Teacher: This is a park. Look ! 
Point to all the park items. Assign a color to each item. After they are done coloring, have the students identify the colors of each item.

Park Board Game:  you can create your own board game using the pieces provided and a colored file folder.  The players will move game pieces in the spaces naming the playground objects. Give them simple rules to follow.

     Graphing and pocket charts: use the printables for both.  The children can use a card with their name to place below their favorite playground object.    

Letters: I made more letters for your alphabet set to display in class or to do with your children.

Match Cards: use them as memory cards or as matching picture card to a word card activity.

                                                  Playground domino using words.

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