Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Food Theme

The teacher is the model and the provider of language.

  Hold up the Food and Drink cutouts one at a time. Name them and have students repeat.
Teacher: Ice cream (pretend to eat the ice cream and rub your stomach) and say I like ice cream.
Continue with the all the other cutouts.
-Hold up a cutout and place it on the chalk board saying: I like chicken. Continue with the rest. Then have several students come to the front and take off the board the food or drink cutout they like and say: I like cheese.

- Send several kids to the board where the food cutouts are attached.
Teacher: Give me the chicken.

Student: Chicken ( gets the corresponding cutout and hands it to you )

With the cutouts you can make patterns just by printing two of each.

Link to the same resources:

 Graphing. Have students draw their favorite food on the square paper given. Put up the graphing title and frame. Have students put their pictures on the corresponding food and describe it. (I like yogurt.) Then count, with the class, the number of students who like each food. 
Teacher: Yogurt. Who likes yogurt? One, two, three, four. Four students like yogurt.
3Worksheet.  Give out a copy of the worksheet.
Name a food item and students should point to 
each one and say the name. Then have them 
identify the color related to each food item.
Teacher: pear Students: green.
Teacher: chicken Students: brown.

Distribute the crayon and have the children color each food object.
There’s a great debate on whether or not to use worksheets in class. Just don´t a give big emphasis on them on your lesson plan.

If you want the worksheet write a request(

Tracing the word: Besides tracing the word have students become reading detectives using the magnifying glass. I made mine out of fun foam. The templates are provided.


Or, cut out all the words and pictures, place them on the pocket chart.
 Have students read the words using the magnifying glass.
Link to the sme resources:

Food pocket: Print onto construction paper or cardboard the food pockets templates provided. Cut one complete face and cut the other half face. Staple the half face to the bottom of the complete face to make the pockets. Make the happy-Like pocket and the don´t like sad face pocket. Distribute the pockets and show thw students the happy and the sad face faces representing the I like and the don´t like food.
Next, distribute some recycled magazines and scissors so children can cut out the food they like and the ones that they don´t like. Have the students describe
 what´s in their pockets.

Shopping List: Make a shopping List on the board. Write the title shopping list and place the cutouts under the title and write the names next to the them. Explain to the children that you are going to buy some things at the supermarket and that is your list. Tell them that they are going to make their own list.  Distribute the template either in the lined form or the blank one. Have the students write and or draw five food items.
They can come up to the front and show their shopping list to the class naming all the food items on the list.

 Plates with real food. Hand in some plates with real food, I chose cereal, rice and pasta. Have the students paste the cereal onto real plates.
Sorting the cutouts or magazine pictures.
 Memory game: another memory game and turn it into a bingo game using the grid.Have students draw 4 food items and play with the same cards.



Book: I always make a book, since the ones that come with series book are not that suitable for the class. Here´s the one for this theme.
And the letter arts and crafts for the food theme: LINK:

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