Sunday, March 30, 2014

Town Theme for Preschool ELA

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 Pop-up town: Distribute the template). Have the students color the pictures of the town. You can dictate the color of each place.Students cut them out. Place a black construction paper on the pizza box top. . Fold the pictures so they are easy to glue. Play show me with their pop-up town so it can be used as a .
The craft is by request:

Most class books come with at least one craft. With a big class it a challenge to complete it. But, it might be nice to make one  and  bring it in as a classroom decoration.

Pocket charts: they are not a common use in an EFL Class, but I am introducing at least one activity per theme to enhance language development. There are many things that you can do with them. The good thing is that having one, it be used over and over again.

Town puppets: Using toilet tubes, I created these puppets to create interest and use them instead of flashcards.

Have students identify and describe the different town puppets.

Teacher: This is a hospital.

Students: It´s a hospital.

Teacher: What´s color is the hospital?

Students: It´s white.

Have students holding Community Members puppets stand at the front and students with Town Puppets stand at the back of the classroom. Have students walk toward one another looking for their corresponding worker or location. When students find their counterpart, have them sit down together.

Clothespin: I got some wooden clothespin and decorated them with washi tape. I printed the words and glued them.  Nice for reviewing words.

Yes and No Puppets

Make different statements about a town place and a community member. Have students show their Yes/No Puppet. I made them with craft stick. You can print the templates onto any color construction paper.

  Teacher: The teacher works in the hospital.  The puppets should face NO.

And I  added 4 new worksheets to complete the theme.

And I did have the flashcards, but never included them.

I recently added the letter arts and crafts for this theme.

Check this blog out:
She made houses out of brown bags. You can do the same but creating the hospital, the restaurant,etc.

Another idea, using old boxes.
And for 3 D buildings this is an awesome site:
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