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Town Theme for Preschool ELA

This the town theme for Preschool English Language learners.

Let´s start with Town or Neighborhood Flashcards. I made a short list of the most common ones for Preschool (28 in total).
Teacher: What´s this?
Students: It´s the bank. 

Place several flashcards around the classroom and give directions.
Teacher: Run to the restaurant!
Teacher: Where are you ?
Students: at the restaurant!

Place several flashcards on the board and model the sentences as you point.
Teacher: There is hospital, a fire station and a bookstore .
Take them down and place different ones and have the students say more sentences.
Place the flashcards on the board and hand in the number cutouts to several students. Have them go to the board and place them as you say.
Teacher: Orianna, The airport is number 1.
               Becky, The zoo is number 3.
Teacher: What is numer 4 ?
Students: fire station!

Pocket charts: they are not a common use in an EFL Class, but I am introducing at least one activity per theme to enhance language development. There are many things that you can do with them. The good thing is that having one, it can be used over and over again.

Town puppets: Using toilet tubes, I created these puppets  to use them instead of flashcards. There´s hospital, police station, fire station, bank, school, circus, post office, hospital, restaurant, bakery, park, zoo and church.

Have students identify and describe the different town puppets.
Teacher: This is a bank.
                                       Students: It´s a bank.
                                      Teacher: What´s color is the bank?
                                      Students: It´s yellow.
Have students holding Community Members puppets stand at the front and students with Town Puppets stand at the back of the classroom. Have students walk toward one another looking for their corresponding worker or location. When students find their counterpart, have them sit down together.
Place the town puppets along with the Community Helpers puppets.
Teacher: Where is the policewoman?
Student: At the police station.
 Have students make complete sentences.
Students: The fire fighter is at the fire station. 
You can also use the flashcards for playing with the puppets.
Teacher: Where is the ambulance?
Students: at the hospital!
Teacher: Where is the doctor?
Students: at the hospital!

Yes and No Puppets
Make different statements about a town place and a community member. Have students show their Yes/No Puppet. I made them with craft stick. You can print the templates onto any color construction paper.

  Teacher: The pilot works in the airport.  The puppets should face YES!
Teacher: the fire fighter works at the police station. The puppets should face NO! 

Ask more questions:
Teacher: Who is at the circus?
Students: Clown!
Teacher: Where is the doctor ?
Students: at the hospital.
Town Unit Worksheets. Great for extra practice.
Ws 1. This first one that has all the vocabulary I use it as personal flashcards or to make a word wall or a book.

Ws2. Have the students color the numbers as you assign them.
Teacher: Number 2 is green.
Then, students cut all the numbers and glue them as you give the instruction.
Teacher: Glue Number 5 on the airport.
When all the numbers are glued, play a speaking game where you say a word and the students say the related one on the worksheet.
Teacher: Number 6!
Students: School!
Teacher: Fire station !
Students: eight!

Ws 3.Just as you did the speaking activity with the puppets. Students will do the same on the worksheet by pasting the community helpers to the place they work.

Ask questions:
Teacher: Where is the teacher?
Students: at school!

Ws 4. The same here, as they place the transportation item where it belongs.
Teacher: Where is the airplane?
Students: at the airport.

I recently added the letter arts and crafts for this theme.

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