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School Theme for Preschool ESL

Flashcards: As my early beginnings as a teacher, I always used flashcards for drilling vocabulary. I had to make them all, there wasn´t a computer in school back then, so I had to use pictures from magazines or copies from books. Then, when I had my own computer ,I started creating them for my lessons, I had a set for each and every theme. I am sharing a new collection of School Flashcards and some games to play in class as a warm up starting the session or as a wrap up at the end. They are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I have made 175 flashcards.


Flashcards games:

1.      Place all the flashcards on the table, or board and have the children show each object that you name and repeat the word.

Teacher: Show me a crayon.

Student: crayón.
 You can change the game by saying: Give me  and have the student grab it from the board or table.
2.      If possible make a set of flashcards per table. Name each object and the students line them up on their desks or tables.

Teacher: pencil, glue, bag, eraser.

3.      Pass the objects: Using realia or flashcards start the game in small groups or at their tables.
Student 1: book.
Student 2: thank you
Student 3: book.

Student: thank you.
Have all the students pass the pencil flashcard to the student on his/her right in the group  and name it and say thank you. Continue with all the flashcards.

4.      Step forward: Have a group of students stand in line in front of the class . distribute the cutouts or flashcards.  Name a cutout or flashcard and have the student step forward and show it the class. The class has to repeat the word.
 Student Locker: make a locker out of a shoe box and have a student place several cutouts or real school objects in the locker. The student shows the class his/her locker. The class says what he/she has inside, naming all the objects.

Shopping List: Hand in a shopping list to each group of students in the class. Have them find the object and place them in a bag. There are 10 shopping lists , all of them are different. You can give the group that finishes first a sticker as a prize.   It is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store .

Pencil Case craft: You can create your own pencil case and use it instead of flashcards. Have a student name all the objects in the pencil case and slide them up and down. Ask the color of each object.
Write and email and request the free file. (

Sort by color Game: Place colored construction paper or any other kind of colored paper on the floor. I used red, yellow and blue since my cutouts came in those colors. If you are using my cutouts have other colored paper available. Have a group of students sort all the cutouts.

Craft-Third dimension art idea: I printed out two lunch box templates and filled it out with old newspaper, stapled the edges together. It makes a cut decoration for the class.

Game- Match real objects with cutouts. Place all real school objects and cutouts or flashcards in a real school bag. Instruct students to take out the objects and match the real one with the cutout or flashcards. Have students name all the objects.

Memory Game: It´s a fun way to have students retain all their vocabulary words.  Have them say the words as they play and listen to their teammates as they speak.Play with groups no larger than 4 children.  Available at the Teachers pay Teachers Store .

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