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Balloon Theme for the ELL

 This ballon theme can go along with the birthday resources from my other blog posts, look it up under the label birthday.
 Get the flashcards, class book and memory game at my Teachers pay Teachers Store all in black and White and colored versión.
Counting flashcards:

Flashcards use: 
1.      Hold up the Number Flashcard one by one and have the children identify the number in the balloon.
Teacher: What number is in the balloon ?
            Students: (four).
           Teacher: What color is the balloon ?
           Students: (Green).

2. Hang the flashcards in your room and have students point to the number you say.
Teacher: Point to balloon number 6.
Students: Students point and say the number(six).
Teacher: What color is balloon number 6 ?
Students: (pink)

3. Place all the flashcards on the board or bulletin board. Tell the class that you will say a number and they should say the number in the balloon.
Teacher: Balloon number 2.
Students: Blue.
Teacher: Balloon number 2 is blue.
Students: Balloon number 2 is blue.

 4. You can also do this but naming the color and the students say the color.
 Teacher: Red Balloon.

Students: Three.

Teacher: Balloon number 3 is red.
Students: Balloon number 3 is red.

5. Place all the flashcards on the board. Ask the students their age and have them go to the flashcard and point.
Teacher: Ben, How old are you ?
Ben: Five ( points to the Number 5 flashcard)

 Class Book: Read the book to the class.

Explain that they will be making another book, called class book. All students will be making a page for this book, so make copies of the last two pages. Your students will fill in the sentence starters to tell their names and how many balloons they have. Then, they draw and color as many balloons they wish and color the child as themselves.

Compile all work into a class book, bind it and read it to the class. Use the front cover of my book to bind your class book. This can be a fun option for your lesson plan. You can also take dictation from your students to complete the pages. By doing this activity in class your students will listen and also respond to oral communication.

I made a black and white version of this book.

     Pointer: I made another pointer.  I made mine out of fun foam. Here´s the template. Get it for free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Memory game: it reinforces learning new vocabulary words in a fun and easy way. It  involves finding pairs of identical balloons when all the cards are face down on the table.I made these cards that be printed onto cardboard, there are two versions, a colored one and a black and white. Use this game  for additional practice.

 Matching game: distribute one card to each student. When you say go, all the students walk around finding their partner in class and stand beside him or her.

Bean bags : they are easy to handle  and can´t roll away when playing in class.Tossing the bean bag helps  develop hand-eye coordination. Integrating this kind  of motor activities into the classroom, will help our students  in attention, and memory facilitating language learning. So, make some bean bags . Mine is made out of felt and filled it up with rice.

Math: use reused bottle caps as counters, start your collection by asking parents for donations. Match water bottle caps to these number flashcards. This activity is great for fine motor and number recognition practice.

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