Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alphabet Theme

Learning the letters of the alphabet is the first phase of reading and writing instruction.Teach the alphabet to kindergarten students at their last year before going to 1st grade, so they have already learned their first language letters. If teaching lowercase or Capital letters, follow the school´s insight about this. Teach the letter names and then later during the school year go on with the letter sound. Learning letter names first helps a child learn letter sounds latter. Teach in alphabetical order. Teaching the alphabet can be a lot of fun if you get creative every kid loves some form of a game, song or activity.

Start with the ABC song. Sing it as often as possible,  whenever you have a free moment.Post  the alphabet  somewhere in your classroom. This is a must-have when teaching ABCs. Point to each letter when you sing the song.
Flaschcards:  make your own cards.Hang them up in a special part of the room. Use them properly. Here are links for printing flashcard letters:

Clothespin Activity:
Here´s another clothespin game.The template is from If you can´t find it, write to me:

Pompom letters: the template  is from Hope it´s still available in her site, if you can´t find it, please write  and I´ll send it to you ( It´s a nice way to use colorful pompom which come in a variety of colors and sizes.
Each child grabs a supply of pompoms and place them in the space provided in each letter. I printed the letters onto construction paper , cut them and paste onto another construction paper. Here´s the complete set.

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