Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gingerbread Man

Finger Puppets: Love how they turned out.

Cutouts: The book I am using came with the cutouts that I use as story props, but you can make you own. I always glue a craft stick on each so it´s easier to handle.

Order by size: Got the templates at, but you can make your own, using any template available on the web.

Lacing Cards: I got them from a nice blog:

Puzzle: I have this from many years ago. I got this from
I also made another puzzle using old Christmas cards.

Pompoms: I love to use pompoms. Here are some ideas.

Flip Book: The template from

File Folder Games: I found file folder games at, and used nice colored folders.

Die games:There are many die games, but this one as a file folder game. Ask me for the templates. Check out, where you can find other versions.

Color Sorting Activity: Found this is at, and made my own version. It´s an easy game. Add the color word if you´re working with older kids.

Gingerbread House: This cute bag makes a nice decoration for your room where you´re on the Gingerbread man unit. Find it at

On and under: If you want to review prepositions, use the Gingerbread Man and a chair, or place him anywhere.

Crafts: I printed a Gingerbread Man on brown construction paper, but fun foam will do. Then have children decorate with sequins, buttons and whatever you have handy.

Patterns: The book Sprinkles 1, suggested an activity making patterns, each child colored their Gingerbread Man in only one color. Then with all children, make a pattern, like yellow, red, yellow, red and so on. You can do it with any Gingerbread man template.

Gingerbread Man Accordion Book: I made this book in a different way. I found it on web long time ago, but can´t remember where.
please write if you want a copy.

Gingerbread Man Rocklet Fun: I did this with Rocklets Candies, but you can use M&Ms, Dandy or any similar ones. I got the idea at, a wonderful site for ESL Teachers, always check it out.

Gingerbread Man crowns: I made my own crown template. Here´s the link to download the templates and make your own:

Link to free files:

If you have any Gingerbread Man activities, be my guest blogger.

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