Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Farm Theme Ideas for Preschool ELL

1. Fun Foam Animals: I made these cute fun foam animals. Here´s the link to the templates:

They are for making patterns, graph, singing songs and so much more.

2. Farm animal Wheel: I got the template from the book Jellybeans 2 

 made it out of fun foam so children can use it on their own, guessing the animals. You can also give students commands for showing different animals.
Make your own using paper plates, 1 paper brad, farm animal clip art pictures.

3. Hen Colors: I got these cute hens from the magazine” Maestra Jardinera” (Argentina), I glued each on a craft stick. Practice all the colors.
T: A blue hen.
Ss: A blue hen

4. Cut outs: Most of the books come with cutouts, they are so useful, it´s like having mini flashcards but easier to manage, even for the kids. There are lots of games to play in class with them. If your book doesn´t have them , write to me:, and I´ll send you some to your mail.
This wonderful book comes with all the cutouts for the song Old MacDonald. You can show each cutout as you sing the song.
Lost of websites have the song. Here´s a link to youtube:

5. Beanbags: I love making these cute animals out of felt. I get most of my patterns from , or
They are for playing games with my flashcards.

6. Rhymes: Mary had a little lamb. I recreated the rhyme making some props, such as Mary(made of fun foam), and the lamb which was made as a headband.
It turned out so cute that all the kids were fighting to be Mary and the lamb. The story was narrated in the class CD.

Little Boy Blue: this is another rhyme to recreate during the farm theme. The template is from the book Sprinkles 2, it´s a wheel with all the characters from the story.As the children listen to the rhyme they move the wheel and show the corresponding picture.

Here´s a link to the rhyme:

Little Bo Peep is another rhyme that can go with this theme.

7. Book: I like making books, found the template at:

8. Pin the tail Game: This idea came in the Sprinkles book . It´s like the old classic game pin the tail on the donkey. It can be a picture of a cow or any other farm animal with a missing tail that is tacked to a wall at students eye level. One at a time, each student is blindfolded and handed a paper "tail" with tape behind it. The blindfolded stuent tries to pin the tail on the farm animal. The player who pins their tail closest to the target, the farm animal's rear, wins. Have some treats for the winner.

And doing a little editing on old blog posts, I found more ideas to share: I don´t know the author, but I do have the file, please write to me: if you want it.

and a die game from

and old worksheet:

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