Friday, October 19, 2018

Alphabet Printable Flashcards and Posters for Preschool ELL

This is the following post about Alphabet Printable Flashcards. The letters here are from S to Z.

I had this printable of a tablet and as children love it. I thought of putting it in a clear plastic sheet for the students to insert each flashcard and write over the flashcard with a white board marker that can be erased easily. If you want it, make a request:
Not just learning the letters but reading is an essential part of our teaching. Sometimes we run out of ideas. I bought this kind of ruler with a clear colored paper in the middle. I thought it would be fun to use for reading. Maybe you can make your own by using transparent colored paper.
Cutting letters out of magazines is always fun and a yes, a mess!

I was downtown buying art supplies with my children when I saw this small board made by locals here. It has two faces, the blackboard and the whiteboard. I posted some pictures of downtown La Paz on my Instagram.

Going through a lot of things that I have from many years of blogging. I found these bottle caps that I glued the letters on. Get the printable template for free. LINK:

I bought these cardboard strips with lines and never seem to use them. I gave it a chance and turned out great, if do not have them available, use block lined paper or print from the internet.
The last letter is just here. I wanted to make something different. I saw this game and made it. I only used letter Z but it would be fun to include all the letters. I blew the balloons and tape the flashcards and attached the balloons to the ceiling. Name a letter or flashcard and have the students hit the balloon.

Hope you have liked all the ideas presented for this product. Get my flashcards or just make your won. I would love to see what you do for the alphabet theme. You can post at my Facebook Groups and share.

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