Thursday, September 13, 2018

Clothes Unit for Preschool ESL

I am adding more resources to the clothes unit. It will be all in one product so check the other post for more ideas. I mainly added flashcards.
Clothes Flashcards for Speaking.
Teacher: What is this ?
Students: It’s a sweater.
Teacher: What color is the sweater ?
Students: It’s a purple and green.
Teacher: What are these ?
Students: They are boots.
Teacher: What color are the boots ?
Students: They are blue and red.

Take a look at most of the clothing items flashcards.

Clothes  Flashcards and Commands. Use the flashcards to review common imperatives by handing in all the flashcards to the students, if you have double flashcards it’s going to be better. Students listen to your instruction and complete the task.
Teacher: Dress !  Run to the door!
Teacher: Girls! Touch your dress!

Clothes flashcards sort by gender.

Clothes and Weather Flashcards.  Review the Weather flashcards and the clothes the children are wearing.

Teacher: It’s windy! What is she wearing ?
Students: She is wearing a pink t-shirt, a blue skirt and pink shoes.

Give the flashcards to random students and have place the clothing item under the correct weather to wear it.
Say a weather word and the students will name the clothing items.

Teacher: rainy!
Students: rain boots and raincoat.

Clothes and family. Review the family members vocabulary.
Teacher: Look at dad. What is dad wearing ?
Students: He is wearing a green t-shirt, blue pants and gray shoes.

Flashcards and games. Play Guess Who? Place the children flashcards on the board and a number under each one. Students have to guess which card is the one you picked. Or simpley ask questions: What is he or she wearing?

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