Sunday, August 5, 2018

Recycle old ESL Early Childhood Textbooks

As a teacher, I have had so many teacher´s book, student´s book, workbook and from different grade, levels and so on. I saw how the children threw them away at the end of the school year. I used to give them away for paper recycling but those places are not around anymore. Old textbooks are not good for donations, since the Publishing Companies come out with different series every year.
I still have several from my teaching days and decided to invent something. This is how it went with my Early Childhood and Elementary Series Textbooks.

Toilet paper roll puppets. I cut out the teacher, boy and girl pictures and glued it onto each toilet paper roll. It is an easy puppet that can be used for greeting each student. It can also be used for the students to line up as boy or girl.

Make puzzles using craft stick. This is more like a decoupage thing. I cutout all the prepositions pictures. I glued them onto craft sticks. Wait until it is dry and then add glue all over the craft stick and picture. Set aside to dry. Using an Xacto knife separate each craft stick from the picture. Place all the craft sticks in a bag and have the students put them all together and say a sentence for each puzzle done.

Craft stick puppets. I cut out all the animals and glued onto a bigger craft stick to make puppets. I could use them as flashcards to drill vocabulary.

Make a wreath. I grabbed the whole Nature unit with lots of garden cutouts for the children to find and cut. I gave them a wreath made out of a paper plate. Children glue the flowers onto the wreath and hang them in class.

Color book. I cut all the pictures from an old textbook and had the children sort them by color. After they all glued by color I placed a book ring.

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