Friday, March 24, 2017

Easter Ideas for Preschool ELL

Cleaning up some books, I found this cute Easter book, it´s easy and fun for children. 
I will it in a digital format by writing an email:

Here are some things that I had in my files that I hadn´t posted before. I will share the templates if asked.(
Bunny Mask. I made mine using fun foam, I love creating things with this material. I added a wood stick to use as photo prop.

Bunny windsock. I thought I didn´t have a picture for this. I made it out of cardboard and crepe paper for the tails. And the wind did its job.

Another fun foam craft.

Easter Peeps crown. Children can color the peeps in several colors and make patterns before gluing them onto the crown. I used corrugated cardboard for the crown.

Easter eggs sight words. When my twins were in lower elementary I would make all kinds of games to make them review grammar points. Here is one that we did on Easter vacation, I carried all my eggs to the hotel room. This resource is from I have the file, write if you want it.

Paper bag puppets. I am making a collection of paper bag puppets. Check on the labels section on the right and you´ll see how many I have made.

 Another craft for giving treats to the students.

I thought it was an adorable craft to make.

And my favorite bunny twin. A mom friend painted her face and she looked so cute.

To end this blog post,  I am selling the actual used book for Easter. It´s a $1 + shipping.

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