Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Face Teaching Materials for the Preschool ELL

Here are some ideas and worksheets for the theme.

Sparklebox. I used resources from this page years ago. They still have the file available.
This is a sorting by hair and eye color.

Balloon Face. This was done by a great teacher in La Paz-Bolivia,Ms. Claudia Acosta. She had this idea to make faces on the balloons.

Shape Face. Give them the shape in colored construction paper or studier paper. Have them draw the facial features. Then punch holes on the borders and give them a thread to lace the shape.

I made this board game using a file folder.

I hace this face collection of clip art. I made a puzzle. Cut the face and glue it onto crafts sticks, make sure that they don´t move. I put glue all over the clip art like decoupage, let it dry. Then, cut each craft stick apart and it will be ready to play.

Family. Here´s mommy, daddy, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa and baby boy and girl.

Birthday Boy and girl.
Draw the face on the Community Helpers.

Do the Letter art and craft with the worksheets.

And the pets have a face.

I glued some yarn for the hair and added moving eyes to make a puppet.

Draw the missing facial features.
Add the parts of the face,

and more draw the face.
I saw this idea on Pinterest and gave it a try. I found an old Godiva chocalate box. I also found an old piece of magnetic from those memo pads for the refrigerator, cut in two and glued with silicon onto the box. I recycled everything here. Use the worksheets as cards with the magnetic letters.

And a puzzle to review numbers
Adding some old Flashcards.

Never miss the power of paper bag puppets.

I am selling these aprons. I used it to hold my puppets and class stuff. Just send a message if you want it. Use the social media or

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