Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Name Worksheets for Preschool ELA

Here are a few more free worksheets.
Practice Name recognition and spelling with each child. Most of them come to the EFL Class knowing how to write their name. Use the worksheet as an assessment. You will be able to tell the homeroom teacher if they need extra practice with this.

Names identify children. They can draw themselves, but write their name downward as in the picture. 
Print the numbers and line them up on the board. Have each student count the letters in their name and place it under the corresponding number.

Names can be written with a crayon, a pencil and even a marker. But Names can be written on everything, such as a book, scissors, erasers, glue and more. Use the worksheet as a review for school items.
Two props to use on the board.

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to Name Activities.

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