Friday, October 7, 2016

Greetings Theme Resources for ELL

Teach children from the very first day how to say Hello or Hi in English. It can be a short hello or a long one. When I was a teaching preschool I would bring in a maraca hand that would make a noise as I greeted everyone. Try to use children´s name when saying Hello.
Teacher: Hello, Marcos !
Marco: Hello, Teacher ! ( The students greets with his hand puppet)

Sometimes, I would hand in the Hello Hand Clapper to someone to be the one who greets another student or the class. It is nice to have different maracas for the everyday greeting. I keep my eyes open when I go to toy stores, dollar stores or piƱata stores. They have wonderful things for this intention. It can be clackers, whistles, harmonicas, clappers, maracas.

For longer greetings there´s a song that got from old books that would come with a cassette. I used to sing that to my twin daughters when they were born.
Teacher: Good morning, good morning.
Good morning to you .
Good morning, good morning.
 And how are you ?

I have another blog post related to greetings. Link:

Six more worksheets and some props. Link:

Worksheet 1. This is another version of the Hello Hand. Have the children color the Hello Hand Green and the Goodbye Hand red, like a traffic light. Then the hands can be cut and glued onto craft stick and they are Greeting puppets.  Children can greet each other with the puppet.

Worksheet 2 and 3 . Introducing the words boy,girl and teacher. There´s the props page for the teacher. I turned them into puppets.


Worksheet 4. Children will draw themselves and cut / glue the word boy or girl.

Worksheet 5. Children will trace the words Hi, Hello. Cut/Glue the bubbles next to each child.

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