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Farm Animals Theme for Preschool ELL

Link to the resources:
Let´s start with the Farm Animals Worksheets:
 Worksheet 1.  This first worksheet I use it to introduce the vocabulary and then turn them into cards for games and then into cutouts for crafts.
Have the students color each animal in the corresponding color.
Teacher: Look at the cow. Color the cow black and white.

Make pointers out of crafts sticks and sticky notes. Hand in a pointer to each child and have them read each farm animal as you name them.
Teacher: duck !
Students: Duck. (Pointing to the duck)

You can also make circles the same color as each animal. Give them a bunch of circles.
Tell them that they have to grab a circle of the color as the animal you name.
Teacher: Pig.
Students: Pink. Pig. Pink pig ! ( Place a pink cirle on the pink pig)

Cut all the cards and have the children make patterns by using their cards.

Make a display using egg cartons. Turn them upside down and have the students place the animal cards in the order you assign them. 
Teacher: cow, hen, sheep.
Have the children name more sequences.

Worksheet 2. Make a farm scene. Students cut all the animals. Give each table group a barn. Glue the barn onto an empty towel paper roll.   Have the students tape an open paper clip to each animal so it can stand by its own. Have the children place their animals at the animal scene and name each one.
Ask questions about the color of the animals.
Teacher: What color is the pig ?
Students: It´s pink.
Worksheet 3. Cut and glue the animals on the barn scene.

Worksheet  4. Review the body parts and relate them to the animals.Have the children say which body parts are missing and draw them.

Worksheet 5. Review the numbers by adding spots on the cows.

Worksheet 6.The Farmer´s wheel.
Teacher: What is this?
Students: It´s the cow.

Worksheet 7.  I added a tail to each animal using colored yarn.

Worksheet 8.  I always add my favorite animal frame. It can be used for Show and Tell or for Graphing.

This is a farmer trace book for reviewing numbers. Students have to cut the farm animals and paste them where they belong. Trace all the sentnces and make a book using yarn. Then, take home to read to their parents.

I also added some numbers, they can be used to match each page.

I made  dice, one with numbers and another one with farm animals.
Print more than 6 cutout animals. Make big dice, one with numbers and another with the animals. Have three students come to the front. The first student rolls the number die and says the number. The second rolls the animal die and says the animals name.
Student 1: five
Student 2: pig
Student 3: five pigs ( attaches five pigs on the farm)

I always include flashcards. I know that many teachers love them.

Letter arts and crafts. Lots of teachers have bought my products with Letter Arts and Craft. I know that it´s a plus to have this resource on hand.

Farm Animal Bodies. Cut and paste!

And animals eat, just as I did with pets and zoo animals.
I researched what these animals can eat. Here´s a list:
Cows: grass, maize, hay, turnips, beet
Sheep and goats: grass, hay, maize, beet, clover, corn
Pigs: turnips, vegetable,  fruit, corn, plants, grapes, apples, potatoes, peppers, celery, acron, grass, mushroom, corn, hay, pumpkin, beets.
Poultry - chickens, turkeys, quails, ducks and geese - grass. 
Ducks small fish, snails, grass, frogs, fruits. 
 Hens   grass, vegetables, seeds, grains.
I glued the cow onto a box and cut a slit on the mouth.

Sort the animals by pets, zoo and farm animals.

Just as I did in the animal posts, I included the cow family.

I do have another blog post: look it up under the farm label.

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