Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Garden Theme Worksheets for the Preschool ELL

Four more garden theme worksheets to add to my collection.
Link to the worksheets:

Worksheet 1. For coloring the flashcards I found leaf fun foam and glued it onto a yogurt bottle cap. I used it to make prints on the tree.

Cut out the flashcards and make a garden crown.

Have the students at each table count all the flowers, leaves, trees and water cans. They can sort the items by color or by item. I glued an item to little plastic cups.

Worksheet 2. Students color and build a flower.  I glued a bamboo cooking skewer on the back so it could stand up and tall. I used an empty egg carton to place the flower.  It would be a nice table decoration.

Worksheet 3. Children color the leaves as in fall or autumn. I used 5 colors. Then they have to glue all the leaves and count how many colored leaves  are in their trees.

Teacher: What are these ?

Students: They are leaves.

Teacher: What color are the leaves ?
Students: They are green.
Teacher: How many green leaves are there ?
Students: one, two, three, four, five. Five !
Teacher: five green leaves.

Worksheet 4. Create a number line with the flowers on the egg carton.

Teacher: Look at flower Number 1. What color is it ?
Students: It´s red.
Teacher: It´s a red flower.
Students: It´s a red flower.

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