Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Garden Theme Resources for the Preschool ELL

Four more garden theme worksheets to add to my collection.

Link to all the resources:

Worksheet 1. For coloring the flashcards I found leaf fun foam and glued it onto a yogurt bottle cap. I used it to make prints on the tree.

Cut out the flashcards and make a garden crown.

Have the students at each table count all the flowers, leaves, trees and water cans. They can sort the items by color or by item. I glued an item to little plastic cups.

Worksheet 2. Students color and build a flower.  I glued a bamboo cooking skewer on the back so it could stand up and tall. I used an empty egg carton to place the flower.  It would be a nice table decoration.

Worksheet 3. Children color the leaves as in fall or autumn. I used 5 colors. Then they have to glue all the leaves and count how many colored leaves  are in their trees.

Teacher: What are these ?

Students: They are leaves.

Teacher: What color are the leaves ?
Students: They are green.
Teacher: How many green leaves are there ?
Students: one, two, three, four, five. Five !
Teacher: five green leaves.

Worksheet 4. Create a number line with the flowers on the egg carton.

Teacher: Look at flower Number 1. What color is it ?
Students: It´s red.
Teacher: It´s a red flower.
Students: It´s a red flower.

Tree bookuse a picture book for every theme you teach. Students can recognize language patterns in my book.

I included an extra page for extending the story and creating another class book, as children look outside, drawing and creating their own tree. Collect all the drawing, bind them and make a class book.
Tree class decoration: this time I created bigger tree as classroom decoration for the walls or the door. Students can decorate their own tree and display their art work. 

Tree counting : this game is for  giving the English Language learner the opportunity to use math vocabulary because math reasoning is linked to language production. The file has different kind of trees, I made mine out of fun foam and used flower punch out, bottle taps, fun foam pieces and mini erasers to simulate flowers for the trees.

Letter arts and crafts. LINK:

Lacing: another lacing item made out of fun foam, using the same pattern. It can help  build  small motor skills.

Patterns: patterns should be encourage in the English class. Provide moments  to practice them that  will  also enhance language. This is from a series book that I was using. If you want the file, please write to me (

This is a big tree, small tree pattern.

I made these out of fun foam.

These are made out of toilet paper roll and a kitchen paper rolls to make them big and small. I cut a small slit on the paper roll to insert the tree top.

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