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Pet Activities for Preschool ELL

Worksheets:  Since all children have a responsible tutor, there will always be a need for a book or worksheets to evidence learning and work at school. Include a fun way to complete the worksheet and then provide a meaningful activity to do with them.
Link to the files:

Ws 1:   Give students soda bottle caps. Have the students place a bottle cap on a pet after you make a noise.

Teacher: orange bottle cap! Bow-bow.

Ws 2 Frame. Children draw their favorite pet if they have one or the one they would like to have. They can bring in pictures to glue on the frame. Children cut the frame and show their drawing to the class describing the pet. 

Then, graph the pets. Call on a pet and have the students gather in a group with their frame in hand. When all the groups are together have them count how many pets are in each group. If you have a pocket chart place the results.

Ws 3: Worksheet preposition.
Place the chair and the box cutout on the board. Put the cat on the chair.

Teacher:  The cat is on the chair. Point to each item as you say the sentence.
Students: The cat is on the chair.

 Continue with in and under..

Give each student the worksheet Where ? and three cats. Have them color the cats and glue them  in, on, and under the box/chair. Students come up front and show their work.

Students: The gray cat is on the chair. 
The black cat is under the chair.
 The brown cat is in the box.

Ws 4. Emotion worksheet. Use the cutouts or the flashcards to review the emotions.

Teacher: Look at the blue cat! It is sad. ( Make a sad face)

Continue with all the cutouts.
Teacher: red dog!
Students: Happy.
Teacher: a happy red dog!
Students: a happy red dog!

Have the students color the animals as you assign a color to each one.

Teacher: The happy cat is brown.

 Continue with all the animals.
Then, the students cut all the cards and sort them on their desks.
Teacher: Happy! Students place all the happy animals together.  Continue with sad and angry.
Give instructions to sort the animals by color, and by pet. Hand in a construction paper so students can glue the animals they sorted.

Ws 5: Feed the animals worksheet:  Children draw food for each animal. Discuss what kind of food do the pets eat.

Make animal puppets to feed by gluing them onto empty toilet paper rolls. 

Cut a slit on the pets´ mouths. Use the vegetable cutouts to feed the animals.
You can also use empty boxes to glue the animals.

ws 6. Draw the face. Have the students complete each pet´s face. They can come to the front and describe the animals to the class.


Teacher: What is it ?
Students: It´s a dog.
Teacher: What color is the dog ?
Students: It´s brown.
Teacher: make a dog sound!
Students: bow-bow.
Here´s a list of the animal sounds in English.
Bird= tweet, dog= woof, cat=meow, rabbit=thump, frog= ribbit

Get a colored sheet of paper the same size as the flashcard. Cut several stars  in the sheet. Cover the flashcard with star colored sheet. Have the students guess the pets by peeking through the stars.

Flashcards and Numbers. Place all the number flashcards in a row. Have the students read each number in order and in random order. Then have the students name all the pets.

Teacher: Number 4 !
Students: a green turtle
Teacher: happy dog
Students: Number 8.

Get 6 plastic plates and glue an animal on each one. Have the children sort all the cutouts and label the pets.

And the pets live in a place.

Pets and things book. There are things that are associated to each animal.

 The book comes with cutouts for extra practice.

Place all the items related to the animals in random order. Make 5 groups. Assign a pet to each one, give them a pet cutout.  At your signal, have a designated student run to the board, find the items related to their animal, come to their group and arrange the objects with the other members.

Letter arts and crafts. You like it so much that I keep on making more to add up to your collection.
If you want the templates for the Paper Bag Puppets, please request them at

More activities:

And there is more on the resource. 
A coloring book that can be transformed into a banner for classroom decoration and bring up color awareness in English.

This is a favorite of my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, so I included it.

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