Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brunch (Breakfast and Lunch) Theme

More food related blogging!

I made this easy book for you to read aloud to your students and your students can read by themselves. Books like these are hard to find in bookstores. If you get the books from the food, fruit and vegetable theme, it can put together to make a big food book. I receive requests to include more vocabulary words for the book.
Use simple sentences for introducing the new theme. Use the cutouts for easy understanding. Make  colored plates and place it on the board.

Place a cutout on each plate.

Teacher: I like pizza. (place it on the green plate)
Students: Pizza !
Teacher: I like hot dogs. (place it on the red plate)
Students: Hot dog!
Continue with all the cut outs.

Ask children about the food.

Teacher: blue plate!
Students: soda!
Teacher: sandwich!
Students: yellow!
Continue with all the plates.

Introduce and  by adding the new vocabulary item one at a time.
Teacher: I like pancakes. ( add milk)
Teacher: I like pancakes and sandwiches.
  Make more food combinations.

 Have students make their own plates at their desks and come up and show their work.
Student: I like sandwiches and juice.
When all the plates are ready make a class mural.

Food can have shapes. Place the cutouts on the board and ask children what shape does the food have.

Teacher: What´s this ?
Students: Hamburger.        
Teacher: (Trace the circle around the hamburger) Look, the hamburger is on the circle.
Do the same with all the other cutouts.

Worksheet should have several purposes. Use the worksheets to have your students speak in the target language as much as possible making them feel comfortable.

Flashcards activity: children place the flashcards on their desks. Call out the food in random order and have the children point to each one in the order you are naming them. Children say the sequence.
Teacher: sandwich, pancake,milk.
Make more random combinations for the children to follow.

Ask a volunteer to name the flashcards in any order and all the class has to follow.
( There´s a typo, but already fixed on the file)

Flashcards board game
Have the students arrange the flashcards to look like a road in a board game.

I used a folder, but students can arrange  them right there at their desks.
I made funny food cartoons markers, that can stand by placing them in a binder clip. A student can be Mr. Juice or Mrs. Pizza, names can be invented.
Play with a die. Instruct students to advance in the board game one flashcard at a time reading or saying the word. ( There´s a typo, but corrected it on the file, don´t worry)

   Have children select their favorite food flashcard. At your signal children stand up and find another classmate that has the same favorite.  Then, have all the pancakes favorite stand together in a big group. Continue with the other 3 items.
Count with the children the pancakes and the other food items and graph which one has the most students. Keep count on the board and make a chart.

Sorting worksheet. Right now students can sort fruit, vegetables, food, drinks, breakfast food and lunch food. 

There´s a book I used to work with, Jigsaw, that would introduce symbols for almost everything. It had this balloon meaning want.

Make the props using the templates. I made a big one for you and a smaller version for the children.  Place the cutouts on the want balloons.

Teacher: I want a sandwich.
Hand in children´s balloons. Have them draw what they want to eat. When done, volunteer students standup and show the want symbol over their heads and say their selection.
Student: I want a hamburger and a soda.
Then have other volunteer students stand at the front with want symbol drawing.
Teacher: Who wants pancakes and water ?
Students. Juan!
Teacher: What does Karen want ?

Students: sandwich and juice.

 More Alphabet arts and crafts. Teachers love this, so I made some more.

Use the happy and sad face as Like and Don´t like puppets.  Place two cutouts on the board.
Teacher: I like pizza. (Show your happy face)
Teacher: I don´t like juice.   (Show your sad face)
Place all the other food and drinks on the board and have a student come up with the like puppet and say a sentence.
Student: I like pizza. (Shows the happy face)
Student: I don´t like cereal. (Shows the sad face)

Teacher´s Flashcards:  Show the flashcards and ask questions.

Teacher: What is this ?
Students: pancakes.
Teacher: They´re pancakes. What color are they ?
Students: brown and yellow.
Teacher: How many pancakes are there ?
Students: one, two, three. Three pancakes.

Attach the flashcards to the board.
Teacher:  Lena, give me a hamburger.
Lena: here, a hamburger.
Name more children to give you the flashcards.

Children can become teachers with the flashcards. Put all the food flashcards covered so far in a bag. Ask a volunteer to come to the front and take a flashcard.
Student: What´s this ?
Class: It´s a sandwich.

Make a pizza! You might have seen this in so many web pages. I propose that children use the letters to write the word pizza or their names, a number for either their age or the number of letters in their name, and the shapes to review them.

Adding a free book. Request your digital file or buy it for $1 + shipping.

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