Monday, January 25, 2016

Alphabet Resources for ELL

A few years ago I created an Alpabet Workbook and several other resources to go with it. 
I have joined them all in one packet, sold at my Teachers pay Teachers Store.  It is 237 pages long. 

The actual workbook comes with 4 pages for each letter:
Page 1 is a trace the letter.

Page 2 is the flashcards page.
Have the students color each item. 
Teacher: Letter B is blue.
After all the items are colored, have the students cut the page into small flashcards and play games.
Teacher: Show me the boy!
What letter does the boy start with?
Students: B!
Teacher: Touch letter B!
As you make the flashcards, I suggest you place them in an envelope. Here is the label and you can use all the flashcards from letter A to Z. Along this blog there are lots of games with flashcards that you can easily adapt to your class.
 Page 3 is letter recognition.
Teacher: Let´s find letter G. Color letter G green.
Teacher: There are two letter G. Color Capital G blue. Color small G white.
Letter G craft is for the students to turn the letter G into anything that starts with that letter. The letter G turned into glue. You can cut that part of the page and have it done separately onto construction paper.

The workbook is actually used in a big school in Caracas.I did Letter G with the class and so much fun. I had to pull the book from them at the end of the class they wanted to keep on going. Here is a picture of the day that I worked with them, they really loved the book.

And many teachers use rewards, here is one to give out at the end of the alphabet study.
 Then I created a book or something else for each letter using the flashcard page.

Accordion books. use the templates and colored construction paper to make these books.

Flap books.
Foldable books are easy.
Match books.
Letter books. You can do it with any letter. I used D and H.
Slide letter book.

Spin books are easy to pull off and fun to read using a brass paper fastener.
Petal book. Just glue each picture and word on each flap.

Pocket books. 
Step book.
 Tab book.

And not only can de done with the flashcards, try the bracelets. I grabbed a piece of construction paper and glued a flashcard on each one. Play games.
Teacher: all the letter V make a group. All the volcanoes make a group.

And crowns are also easy to make.
I created these ribbon display as a classroom decoration, just glue the flashcards onto the ribbon either in a vertical or horizontal way.

Or try a Pinwheel!
Make puzzles or puppets.
Or play SLAP!

Teachers love the alphabet arts and crafts a lot. It has been one of my best sellers for some time now. I continue to add the letter art and craft to other themes.

Please visit my other blog for the 10 resources that I came up with to use the packet.


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  1. Great post. A child's starts stepping up the learning ladder with alphabets. Activities like these play an important part in children' alphabet learning process. Such fun activities must be practiced in all preschools and daycare institutions.