Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Activities for Preschool ELL

Take advantage of students´ excitement  by the celebration and extend the lesson planning by doing different activities in the classroom that recycles all that has been learned.
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Christmas puzzles are good for creativity, for problem solving and reasoning, and for developing motor skills. I created some to be used as a normal puzzle or they can be glued onto a construction paper for art work to be displayed in class.

 It is great that you do a read aloud in class with a Christmas Book. You might pair them or have them read silently. But, parents could be able to have the book at home. Prepare a class library where students can buy books or check them once a week for reading at home. 
Introduce art and review key vocabulary, giving a creative approach to your lesson planning for the Holidays. Don´t feel that this wasted time in your class, it is an opportunity to elicit language with this hands- on activity, reviewing the parts of the face and the clothes.

Art is an important means for self-expression (Wright, 2003)

I bought colored balloons and  cut the pieces. I glued them with silicon and see how they became the Christmas characters.

Have the children wear different character headbands.

Have all the snowmen get together in a group. Have all the other characters do the same.  When all the children are in groups, call some actions to perform.

Teacher: Snowmen, Jump !

Students wearing the snowman headband jump.

Teacher: Penguins, run !

Continue with more actions.

Or create a rope using a ribbon

Point to each Christmas Chracter and ask Who´s he ?

 You might have seen and participated in photo booths at weddings, but I like to incorporate it into the classroom. Have all the props ready. Say a Christmas word, the child finds the prop and pose saying the word.

I´ve noticed that you loved the Flashcards from last year. I made an update and completed 42 colored flashcards along with a black and white version.
Ask questions for each flashcard:
Teacher: Who´s this ?
Students: It´s Santa Claus

Teacher: What is this ?
                                            Students: It´s a Christmas Tree

Teacher: Who are they ?
Students: They are the Three Wise Men.

Have a group of students choose a puppet, come to the front of the classroom  and have their puppet greet the class.
Student: Hello! I am Santa.

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