Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween 2015

I did a revamp to some Halloween resources. Some are here and the others are at my other

Here´s the link to the resources:

Halloween Banner: There are several heads of the main Halloween characters and the words in two different colors. I prepared one as an example.
Make 5 banners, one for each group. Place the letters all over the classroom, on the desks, ceiling, walls, door, window, in a random order. On your call, have two members from each group find the letters for each character and run to hand it in to the other two members waiting at the group desk to complete the banner. The group that has complete says STOP and wins.

Use the banner and have the groups make up words using the letters in the banners. Example: VAMPIRE. Map, are, air,pair,rap,etc.

Half card game: tailor the game to your students. I cut all the cards in half and hand them in in random order. All the students stand up and wonder around the classroom looking for another student who has the other half. Once they find their match, they stand together making a complete card. On your call, students stop looking and the winners are the ones who found their match.

Have students arrange the puzzles and exchange them with another one.

Trace cards.  Place clear contact paper on the cards. Children can trace the words with their fingers before they use a white board marker. Have them read each word.

I love doing clothespin. I painted them with acrylic paint made the pieces with fun foam. I added a template.

And a cute headband.

Number cards: They are to review the numbers 1 to 20, or just introduce them.
Have the children line up the cards.
Place them all on the board in a grid manner. 
Teacher: Number 7.
students: candy corn !
Teacher: moon!
students: Number 12 !

I added a template to sort the cards into odd and even.
some door decoration:

The paper chains were so popular when I offered them for free in some groups, I am inlcuding it in the resource.

I found these cute clip art that I thought of making some emotions plates.
Students can color and trace each card. Just write the words with a dry erase markers on plastic paper plates. It erases easily. Then have them sort the characters according to their emotions.

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  1. Hi! Wow, I am really amazed! You have made a huge list of Halloween resources for kids, very complete and interesting. I would like to join your site and invite you to mine:
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    1. Thanks for your comment Alba, I´ll take a look tomorrow.

  2. Nice post with cute images, this is really impressive.
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    1. Thanks Kirti. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Hello there! I find very interesting the work you have done. It's a great job. In my opinion the images are very well selected and facilitate students to learn vocabulary in a very visual way. Thanks for your work

    Luke Arrieta

    1. Luke, thank you, I take my time to create all the resources. You truly found out.