Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween 2015

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Halloween Concentration:
Play the concentration card game using Halloween flashcards, or the old game Go Fish:  I usually print 4 copies of the cards and paste them onto black construction paper.   In groups of 4, students sit in a circle and take turning asking each other a question. Do you have (a ghost)?  If the answer is YES, the student hands in the card and the students that asked makes a pair and put it away on his/her pile. If the answer is NO, the student doesn´t get a card and the turn is for another student in the circle. The winner is the student that makes more pairs.

Halloween Banner: There are several heads of the main Halloween characters and the words in two different colors. I prepared one as an example.
Make 5 banners, one for each group. Place the letters all over the classroom, on the desks, ceiling, walls, door, window, in a random order. On your call, have two members from each group find the letters for each character and run to hand it in to the other two members waiting at the group desk to complete the banner. The group that has complete says STOP and wins.

Use the banner and have the groups make up words using the letters in the banners. Example: VAMPIRE. Map, are, air,pair,rap,etc.

This is a memory game or a matching game depending on the child´s age. This will help for successful readers and writers in the future.

I bought these cute candy corn clip art that I made a few things. This one is a coloring book. Show students the front of the book and name all the candy corn characters. Show them the pictures inside the book. Read the book with the class, have them point to each word. Read it again with the students. Then, have them color it according to the text. 

Do a read aloud to develop vocabulary and recall stories.  Preview the book. Use animated expression when reading, practice them before you read to the class. As you read interact with the students. Look at the bat. What color is his hair ? Does he have any feet ?

EFL students from preschool to 1 st grade are starting to read and write. Emergent book are a need and no book series have them. I always include them in my resources to fill in the void.  Children love the repetition in the book. Students can then move on to be independent readers.

A simple worksheet for color review or to use as a classroom decoration.

And I made a new set of flashcards. You always write asking for them. Use them to: 
  •    Identify Halloween words
  •   Describe the characters, their body parts and clothes
  •   Ask questions about the vocabulary: What color is the cauldron ?
  •  Write a sentence about each one.
  • Order them alphabetically on the wall or board.

  • make a  grid on the board and place a flashcard in each box.

Name a letter and number combination.
Teacher: D4.
Students: bag!
Continue with more.

  •     Make bottle caps letters and write the words.

Half card game: tailor the game to your students. I cut all the cards in half and hand them in in random order. All the students stand up and wonder around the classroom looking for another student who has the other half. Once they find their match, they stand together making a complete card. On your call, students stop looking and the winners are the ones who found their match.

Label the cards to review the body parts.

Pocket charts:   use the for children to manipulate their own language review. Teach them how to place and remove the strips carefully.

Have students arrange the puzzles and exchange them with another one.

Trace cards.  Place clear contact paper on the cards. Children can trace the words with their fingers before they use a white board marker. Have them read each word.

Happy Halloween!!

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