Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Adjectives for Preschool ELL

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This was a hard blog post. I had to research all the adjectives that are commonly used along the book series for preschool. I only picked the most common.

Big and small. Give children the worksheet. Have them cut out pictures from magazines or draw pictures in both size.
I did a big/small pocket chart and puppets activity for the body theme.

Review colors to describe things. Make color puppets with the color splotches. Place them next to an object and have them say phrases or complete sentences.
Teacher: a blue book.

To introduce physical appearance I made this set of Monster Cards. They have a number on each.

Place all 12 cards on the board and describe a monster. This is a good listening and speaking activity.

Teacher: He is tall and fat. He has three eyes and two ears. He has a big nose. He is green.  He has two long arms and two short legs
Students: Number 10.
Teacher: Number 6.
Students: She is tall and thin. She is purple. She has 4 eyes. She has four arms and 4 hands. She has 5 legs. She has two big white teeth.

More activities with the cards: 
Separate the class into 12 groups. Hand in a monster card to each group. 
Describe a monster and the group who has the monster shouts and shows the card.

I made a Monster book using as many adjectives I could. 

A link to a cute video for many other adjectives:

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