Friday, September 18, 2015

Birthday and Numbers

And to continue the birthday theme from earlier blog posts:

All the files here :

Show the number flashcard one at a time in random order and have the students look  up for the number in their book and point to it.

Flashcard activity 1
Stand 10 students in front of the class. Hand in the number flashcards in random order. Stand behind a student.
Teacher: What is her name ?
Students: Patricia.
Teacher: What is Patricia´s number ?
Students:  seven.

Continue with all the numbers.

Flashcard activity 2:  Stand 10 students in front of the class. Hand in the number flashcards in order. Stand behind a student.

Teacher: What number is this ?
Students: four.
Teacher: What color is number 4 ?
Students: pink.

 Give number awards. Place a pin on the back and it can be word as a badge. You can also send it home with a magnet on the back to be used on the refrigerator.

Puzzles can help with spatial relationships, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills. Children can do the puzzles by themselves. Make two copies of each puzzle, one is for showing it to the students and the other is the one that you will cut apart to complete. Then, show the pieces of puzzle that the students are going to complete and count the pieces.

Listening Game:  Divide the class into groups. Assign each group a vocabulary word, either the birthday items or numbers.  Say a word and students clap their hands when you say the assigned word.

Numbers and shapes: I like to recycle words and grammar points along the lessons.  This is easy to do. Print my file or make your own. Choose the shapes that you have covered so far and the colors you want to review. The numbers come in colors or can be colored as you wish.  Place the shapes and the numbers and start asking questions.

Teacher: What shape is this ?
Students: It´s pink.
Teacher: What number is this ?
Students: It´s number 2.
Teacher: what color is number 2 ?
Students: It´s blue.
Teacher: Blue Number 2 is on the pink triangle.

I created a birthday wheel to play a guessing game or for the students to make their own.

  And I never miss the cutouts.

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