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Family Theme for ELL

Provide an environment with lots of exposure to the family theme.

1Flashcards are useful to review family words. You can start using only a few cards not the whole set, introduce more as you see progress.
Preschool Activity 1: Place the  flashcards around the room
Teacher: sister. Point to sister.
Children look around and point to the family member. Repeat with more family members.

Preschool Activity 2: Place the number 1 to 9 on the board and a family member next or above each number.
Teacher:  Number two.
Students: Mom. ( Continue until all the numbers have been called out)
Teacher:  Grandpa.

Students:  Number six.
Preschool Activity 3: Give students a flashcard and have them stand in line.
Name a family member and instruct that students to step forward and spin or turn around in place.
Teacher: baby! Where´s baby ? Turn around , baby!

   Puppets: Make some puppets with the family members. Dramatic play helps with learning new words and expressions, while enhancing the skills of  listening and speaking. Make puppets part of your routine.

 Puppet activity 1
Have the class greet the puppets:
Teacher: (showing the dad puppet)Hello , students!
Class: hello, dad!!
Repeat with all the other family members.

Puppet activity 2:
Teacher: (Point to daddy). Who´s he ?
Students: He´s daddy.

Puppet activity 3: 
Hold up a family member puppet.
Teacher:   Is this mother ? Students have to nod or shake their heads or hold up the yes or no puppets. (available on my TPT store)
Students:if the answer is YES, have them wave and greet the family member.
 Hello, mother!

 Puzzle:  Cut the family members cards into 4 pieces. Show one piece to the class and have them guess the family member. Place on the board. Have the children come up to the front to put the puzzle together, or have them do it on their tables.

 Family Shapes. There are 2 versions for this game.
a-    The family members are in each shape. Have the children say which family member is in each shape.  Name a family member and have them say which shape that person is in. 
I created a flannel board out of an old file folder, by pasting felt directly to the file. I also glued some velcro on each shape.

b-    Blank shapes and separate family members. Place the shapes on the board. Have the children place a family member where you say.
Teacher: Grandpa is in the circle.
 Baby brother is in the oval.

            Baby Girl is in the rectangle.
 Family drawing: have children draw their families and describe them to the class.

Family draw inI made all these family members without face parts. The chidren will have to draw them and make them happy, sad or angry to review emotions and parts of the face. There are also big faces to do the same, but with pink or red yarn paste on an emotion to it.
Write an email to request it for free:
Animal family: I ran across these animal families and made them as into matching cards. 
Awards: put a safety pin behind.

Family Halves Game: give students all the halves and have them sort the people by family members. Also, give each student a half and have them get together by finding a partner with another half. Then, have them get together by family members.

 Family Album: have the students cut and paste family pictures in each space. Then can also draw each family member.
Family Domino: paste your domino onto old files or scraps of old cardboard. Give them free play time with the dominos.

And continuing with my collection of worksheets for Preschool English Language Learners, here are some more.
Worksheet 1. This is always the worksheet to use as flashcards and more. Keep them for all the classes to revise vocabulary.
Tell the students to color each family member in different color hair and eyes, to make different combinations.  You can make a class graph or a table graph with the hair color and eye color.

 I made a matching activity by cutting the word off and having students match the word to each picture.

Worksheet 2.  Blank faces for children to make a happy, sad, angry face.  I also added the color splotches and the numbers.

Instruct students to color their family members in any color combination they want. 

Colllect all the color splotches in a bag. Take one out at a time.
Teacher: What color is this ?
Students: Red.
Teacher: Who has red hair ?
Student: My sister ! ( Answers may Vary )
Teacher: OK. Bring me your sister.  ( place the red splotch on the board next to all the family members that have red hair.

Continue with all the other color splotches.
Then place the numbers next to each family member.  Say a number and have the students say who it is and describe the person.

Teacher: Number two ! Who´s number two ?
Students: It´s mommy !
Teacher: What color is mommy´s hair ?
Students: It´s black.
Teacher: What color are mommy´s eyes?
Students:They´re black.
Teacher: Is she happy or sad ?
Students: She´s happy.

Worksheet 3. Have students trace each mouth with a red crayon.
                           Teacher: Look at brother! He is happy. Trace his mouth.

 Students trace the contour of each family member. There are the numbers 1 to 4.

Have the students place a family member next to each number.

Teacher:  Number 4.
Students: daddy!
Teacher: happy, sad or angry?
Students: happy !

Worksheet 4. The classic portrait.  It´s so much fun to see how the show their family members to the class.

And There is the letter arts and crafts for the family theme: Link:

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