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I posted a longer blog entry about classroom commands at my other blog:

Use the commands in class as often as you can. Using the word and picture flashcard will help students focus with all the directions given in English and help you not to translate.

Activity: Say stand up and indicate with your 

arms to stand up. Do the same with sit down.

Give more instructions with Boys and Girls.

Teacher: Boys, Stand up. Girls, sit down.

Have students give out the order.

Activity: give instead of 1 direction, a series of 2 up to 4 

commands, such as:

Teacher: sit down, stand up, write, read a book.

Vary the instructions.

 I created a set of symbols to represent the imperatives. 

You can also put them on the board when you need them. 

Give orders by pointing to the symbol card.

I made some cards with all the commands. Use them to play Simon Says, but Blue Bear says. Keep them in a book ring , so they will be handy when you want to review some commands.

Get the file: 

Some videos:  

Video: stand up, sit down, turn around.

Fun English Video series:

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