Thursday, April 30, 2015

Body Theme for Preschool English Learners

Emotion, play and  surprising activities are the secret ingredients to learning.

Knowing the body part vocabulary will build positive self -awareness.

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 Robot puzzle: 
Use the puzzles to make a whole body and help the child understand the concept of the body and the location of the body parts. The puzzles are 4 or 8 pieces each. Use the colored version or the coloring page puzzle. The children can exchange their puzzle pieces with a partner.

Body Colors Puzzle:  print the puzzle pieces onto different colored paper.

Point to each body part and have the children name each one.
Teacher: What´s this ?
Class: arm.
Say a color and the students should identify what body part is inside the puzzle part. Then do the opposite.
 Teacher: red
Class: leg
Teacher: foot
Class: green

Do the same but using shapes.

Left and right Concept: use arrows to indicate the concept of left and right.

Then have children show their hands as indicated.
Teacher: Show me your (right/ left) hand.
Teacher: Show me your (right/ left) knee.
Teacher: Show me your (right/ left)leg.
Teacher: Show me your (right/ left) eye.
Teacher: Show me your (right/ left) arm.
Teacher: Show me your (right/ left) foot.
Have children march in class as you say: Left, right.

Hand match. Have students match the right and left hands. Use the hands to make patterns on the board. Also distribute all the hands and have them find their partner.

Body Parts Flashcards: show the body flashcards one at a time.

Teacher: This is a leg.
Encourage students to make similar sentences with all the flashcards.
As you show a body flashcards, students should touch  or move their body parts at the same time. They gain spatial awareness by locating the position of their body parts.
Teacher: hand.
Students: hand (touch or move their hands)

Have students match the smaller cutouts to the big flashcards.

Memory Game: you can enlarge the memory cards and play a giant memory game in a bigger space, by gluing the pictures onto small paper plates.

Puppets: I found in my files this Carson Dellosa puppets.  Encourage students to ask questions to the puppet. Student: show me your hand. The student touches the puppet´s hand. Request the file for free:

Domino: scatter the domino face down on the table of 4 group members. When a member places a domino piece have him/her name the pictures on both sides.

Body Numbers: students have to learn the linguistic and mathematical ability to express themselves using numbers.

Hang all the cards in numerical order. Ask students about the cards.
Teacher: What is number 3 ?
Students : a foot.
Teacher: leg.
Students: Number 6.

Some worksheets to use as a listening activity.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you

  2. Hi Rosa Amelia, I was send to this site for the body parts activities here:
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    1. Hi Diana! I just saw your comment as I am updating information on the blog posts. They have a fee now but they will be free today. Join my social media to see the alerts for frequent free resources that I post.
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