Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Seasons part 1

Flashcards: Don´t just go for rote memorization of the flashcards. 

Try interactive flashcards games. Link: 

Graph: give the children the chance to read, interpret and analyze information, in English. Tell the children that with the graph they find out the favorite season of the year of the students in the class.

Words Cards: just a set of picture and word cards 

There´s a sunscreen lotion in the file to make a card holder.You can also use it to play a guessing game by slowly taking a card out and having the children guess what it is.

Have the children place the cards face up on their table. Ask them to find a word.

Teacher: Find sun.
Students: sun. Showing the word and picture card.

Connecting cards  variations: have the students match two identical picture cards, two identical word cards, or picture to a word card. Continue with all the words.

There´s a Bingo grid included as in other blog posts.

Video Season Song:

I created a book that relates the seasons to specific clothes. Actively read aloud to the class. Introduce the book by telling the children that for each season, there are different clothes to wear, ask questions about the clothes and the seasons settings.

A big colored version can be printed and kept in class. It would be nice to have a class library using plastic containers to keep books organized, and displayed with their covers facing  out to encourage students to read. 

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