Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Seasons for Preschool ELL

Flashcards: Don´t just go for rote memorization of the flashcards. 

Try interactive flashcards games. 

Graph: give the children the chance to read, interpret and analyze information, in English. Tell the children that with the graph they find out the favorite season of the year of the students in the class.

I always use cutouts in the lesson.  It has endless possibilities.Sort by seasons, sort by size and hang them up as decoration!

And more ... make bracelets. Give each child a bracelet. Have them color as they wish.Put a tape to close the bracelet.
Teacher: Who has a yellow sun ?
Students raise their hands and show their bracelets.
 Continue with all the other bracelets.
Then, have the children walk around the classroom and find classmates that have the same bracelets and stand together in a group.
Teacher: Where is the sun group ?
Students show their bracelets as a group.

Color the scene.Children can color the scene as you dictate or as a free activity.

I love to make paper bag puppets. I have quite a collection. I can send them to your mail for free. (

The snowman has clothes. Print the snowman onto white colored cardboard and the clothes onto each colored cardboard.

I used a file folder to glue the white snowmand and a place two cd envelope on the side to hold the clothes. 
Teacher: The snowman has a blue hat, a blue scarf and blue shoes.
Students in groups find the clothes as fast as they can and dress the snowman.
Teacher: The snowman has a blue hat, a yellow scarf and red shoes.

Let´s make a crown! Print a set of leaves in each color that you want to review. Get some white plates and write each color word with the same color marker. Have the children sort all the leaves. Then have them make a pattern for the crown to present to the class. 
Student: green leaf, red leaf, green leaf, red leaf,

Letter arts and crafts:

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