Friday, January 9, 2015

Favorite Blogs for Preschool and Kindergarten English language Teachers

I like to read Blogs to see new resources from teachers around the world, but I want to share some of my good blog findings.I consider that content, design and style make them stand out in no particular order .These teachers share part of themselves. I usually post their blog entries in my Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.

11.    Teaching English to the Little Ones”– Innovative Holidays, crafts and many songs/videos. Printables are available as well. She focuses her lessons for the 3 to 5 year old children. She has also been my guest blogger.

    Country: She is from Lithuania but living in Spain         Publisher: Sara


2.    Cockroaches and Ladybugs This is blog is not to be missed. I appreciate all the high quality articles presented in all his posts. Everything is so interesting to read and very well written. He was kind enough to include my blog in a post  named Resources for Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Preschool. I am honored.

Name: Cockroaches and Ladybugs
Age: Preschool and Elementary
Country: Spain                               Publisher: Enric Calvet

3.    "English for Children Today- Daniela´s Class"- Daniela invites us to share her activities, videos, songs ,interactive games, ideas and projects. Follow her on Pinterest as she adds many pins related to teaching. Find her on Facebook.

Age: Preschool and Elementary
Country: Spain              Publisher: Daniela Ayala
4.  "Miss Lucy´s Teaching Fun"   
     She posts innovative  games and  fun activities .She designs her own resources and can be purchased at her online store. Her book for parents is available on  Amazon. 
     An interesting Facebook page wraps up all her creativity.
Age: Preschool and Elementary
Country: Spain                        Publisher: Lucy Moretti

5 . "El Blog de Espe" ---------------

Age: Preschool and Elementary
On her site, you will find resources, useful links for your students and  fun ways to teach.  Many readers will find this blog very inspiring.
Country: Spain
Publisher: Esperanza Moreno

6. " British Early Years Centre"-----
The best pictures on a blog with unique ideas for toddlers and kingergarten students.
Age:  Pre School and Nursery 
Country: Bangkok

7. "Helen Doron English"--------

This blog belongs to the franchise Helen Doron English  web site which covers topics related to teaching and the franchise as well. There´s a wide variety of topics relevant to teachers today.
Country: Europe- Austria
Age: babies to teens
Publishers: Helen Doron English

8 ".Learn English with Ken and Karen" -----------
Head to this blog to follow her story based activities. You’ll enjoy her lesson planning  and more Get ideas and plenty of motivation.
Country: Spain
Age: Preschool and Kindergarten

9. "UPUERÊ "---------------------

 Find useful information along with beautiful imagery keeping us engaged in reading. This awesome blog comes to inspire teachers.
Publisher: Claire Venable
Country: Brazil

10. "Children Learning English Affectively "
Dig into the  posts  to  find a treasure of pure content.   This is a first class blog that many will be delighted to follow.
Publisher: Juan Alberto Lopez Uribe 
Country: Brazil
Age: Kindergarten and Elementary

Please post a link to your favorite blog here and on the Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.

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  3. I have just started a new blog on teaching English to very young learners (from 0 to 7 years). I'll be adding new articles every week, especially on teaching babies and toddlers. Hope some of you find it useful.