Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beach Theme for English Language Learners

  Camera Slides: I made this camera slide for reviewing vocabulary instead of the traditional flashcards by placing the words in a context. 
Teacher: I went to the beach and took some pictures.  A beach ball !
Have students name each word.

Cutouts: Give the students opportunities to use the language.

Game Pass the cutout. Have the students sit in a circle depending on the size of your class. Pass a beach cutout to a student .
Teacher: a beach ball.
Student 1: Thank you. (This student passes the beach ball cutout)
                 A beach ball.
Student 2: Thank you. (This student passes the beach ball cutout)
                 A beach ball. Continue.
Game Step forward:
Stand several students in a line in front of the class. Distribute a cutout to each one. Name a beach item and have the student holding the cutout step forward and say the word.

 File Folder Game: make some file folder games for your class to cut
cost. Games are usually expensive and hard to get. Children can do the activities as independent work time. I created the beach boys and girls as markers. I placed them into binder clips.

Flashcards: use them to reinforce oral language and recognize words. Flashcards work well with visual learners.

Game: Cover the flashcard with a handkerchief, if it is white the better and ask what is it. Then proceed to remove the handkerchief and see if the class guessed the word.

Matching Memory game: this game is not intended to assess memory skills in our students.You can also use it as a matching game of identical beach ball cards or matching the ball to the color word. 

Counting Beach items: guide your students´ mathematical understanding by making the utterance of a number word correspond to beach items. 

Using a clothesline and clothespin I had children hang up the beach balls.

Pocket Chart: many EFL Teachers don´t use them enough for teaching effectively for multisensory language acquisition. Place all the colored beach balls and then read the phrases to the children and place them in the pocket .Leave the chart up in the class during all your unit sessions, so you can read them again and again. Also, teach children how to place the beach balls and the phrases in the pocket chart slots so they can participate as your assistant

Beach Scene: I created a beach scene to serve as a background for children to interact. They can draw the sun, decorate the towel with patterns, place more objects on the sand or at the water, the umbrella can be colored in a pattern as well. I also included a shell page from the Sprinkles book. With the shells, the children can color and cut them, and place them on the sand as a big-small pattern, as placing an assigned number of shells on the sand.          Write to me if you want the file.(

1 Write and wipe cards: make this a reusable learning activity. Have the students write the words , then wipe clean and continue . I used different devices to add variety.

 Beach Bingo: use it to teach beach vocabulary words. I made it as a printable activity for students to identify and color beach related words. this activity creates interest and increases listening skill. Use bottle caps or m&m´s as markers. The bingo cards are for the children to color in so you can make copies for up to 10 children. I also included a blank bingo card so children can draw their pictures if you have bigger classes. Make 2 copies of the Teacher´s bingo board, one for placing the pieces that you name and another for you to show to the class.

1Book: having your class equipped with books is not easy  in foreign countries. Teach them to read according the age that is appropriate to your country. Have print all around the room in an informal manner. There is no need to make them read in the preschool years.

and there´s the letter arts and craft for the Beach Theme:

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