Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Insects - Bugs for Preschool ELA

I made a touch up to the resource, it is all in one product. ( 93 pages)

1. Paper Bag Puppets: use them to animate your students. These are easy to make with paper bag and attaching the cut outs provided. Interact with the puppets by asking questions to the students, use them to read a story or sing a song/chant. Many students would like make their own bugs. To get the files, please write to my email.(

2- Cutouts: Have the children identify the bugs and name/count the body parts.

Activity 1:Hold up each bug cutout:

Teacher: It´s a bee.
Students: It´s a bee.
Teacher: What color is the bee ?
Students: It´s black and yellow.
Teacher: Look! it has two antennae.( showing them)
Teacher: Look! it has two wings.( showing them)
                What color are the wings ?
Students: They are blue.

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Activity 2: Use the cutouts as a memory aid for drilling vocabulary words.
Put all the bug cutouts in a bag. Invite a student to pull out a bug cutout and identify it. Have the class say YES! If the student is right or NO! if the student is wrong.

Get the resources here:

3. Super Bug Student Badge: I created this cute badge to enhance motivation in class, just print and put in the badge clear device.

Here´s a link to read more on Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in young learners.

4. Memory or Matching Game:  all these games help increase the short-term memory in your students. They are fun for those last minutes.

5. Draw the favorite bug. These activities help:
-develop prewriting skills 
-  develop hand coordination
-  develop vocabulary

6. Vocabulary Word Wall: Place the cards and words in a word wall in the classroom. Use your pointer to review the words.

Then have children play with another set of cards and words and matching them. Also the cards can be transformed into  wipe-off cards by using contact paper and white board markers so that the students can trace each bug word.
The bug crowns can be a follow up activity.The crown can serve as a coloring page and as a confidence booster.

7. Graphing: use stickers, student´s name, bug drawings, ,m&m´s , cereal, beans, gummies, mini erasers, clothespins and much more. And always analyze the data.

8. Bug Book: This is a bug fact book. It reviews body words and actions. 12 bugs . It comes in color and a black and white version.

9. Flashcards: Bring some students up to the front and hand in a flashcard to the first one.

Teacher: a bee. (pass the flashcard to the first student)
Student: a bee ( passing  pass the flashcard to the next student)
Continue with all the flashcards

10. Math: Use these math flashcards to count the bugs up and down to 10. Have the students respond to the spoken number using the cards or have them say a random number when shown the card.

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