Monday, February 3, 2014

Zoo or Jungle Theme for the Preschool ESL

Zoo animal cutouts: use them to introduce these new words in a clear way or for drilling the zoo vocabulary words. I have included word cards, that could be displayed on the wall or board next to the cutouts.  By doing this children will retain the vocabulary words and it can be a Pre-reading activity.

The cutouts can be used to describe animal  body parts . 

This is a giraffe. It´s brown and yellow. It has long legs and a long neck.
Point to the elephant´s ears. They are big.                                 
Point to the monkey´s ears. They are small.
Point to the elephant´s nose. It´s big.
Point to the lion´s nose. It´s small.
Use these words: tail, neck, long , short, big, small, short, tall, plain, spots, stripes, dots.
Cutouts Game 1: Place the animal cutouts on the board or Wall. Give a soft ball to a student, say an animal vocabulary word and have the student throw the ball to that animal and say the word.
Cutouts Game 2: Place all the zoo animals cutouts on the floor. Divide the class into teams. Give team # 1 a bean bag and directions for throwing the bean bag on an animal as you describe it.
Teacher: It has stripes. It´s black and white.
Student: Zebra (throws the bean bag to the animal)

Link to the same resources:

Counting 1 to 10:  have the children look at the cards and ask questions:
Teacher: How many monkeys ?
Students: There are three.
Teacher: What color are the monkeys ?
Students: They are brown.
Zoo Book: I am in favor of teaching EFL students in similar ways as native English speakers.
Make the habit of reading a book every day in class. In this
book I have included more vocabulary. You can also read
with a different voice for each animal, such as a roaring
voice for the lion. Get their attention by pointing out the body
parts for each animal. Read the book as often as you can
and hand in the book to each group so they can look at it at
their own pace.
Cards: Animal Pairs.   Make sure you have 2 cards for each animal. Hand in a card to everyone. Have them walk around the room looking for classmates with the same animal. Then, have the students with the matching animals stand together and show their animal to the class and name it.
 Graph: Ask children to identify all the animals on the graph grid. Graph the favorite animal in the zoo. Graphs gives a time to use math concepts along with language, as you count the animals from the graph, compare or contrast them. Best of all, there´s participation even for the shy students. Plan on how to display the graph. There are many options, depending on your class size.
Pointers:  Use the pointers for reading books or for pointing to the cutouts. I made mine with fun foam zoo animals and wooden dowels.
 Zoo Action cards: Head over to this blog and get her action cards for free.By teaching actions, you will prepare your students for grammar in the elementary school years. Use the cards to play the famous Simon says .

Masks:  Have the students mime each animal and the sound each animal makes using them. Here´s my collection.

Zoo Monkey Family for free !! Get all the members with vocabulary cards. Use them to review the family theme.

Paper bag Puppets: Here are some that I made last year to sell. Write an email ( and I´ll send the templates to your mail as always.

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