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Community Helpers resources for the Preschool ELL

 Bring in pictures as in the file  here or real objects related to each profession:
Stethoscope for doctor,Plane for pilot,Hose for fire fighter,Cook´s hat for chef, Chalk and eraser  for teacher, a phone and computer for secretary, a briefcase for bank manager, a letter for a mailman, a tooth and tooth brush for dentist.
Have students pretend they are doctors using the stethoscope. Do the same with all the other community members.
                         Teacher: Let´s pretend we are doctors.

 Cutouts: Explain to the class that people dress for the different professions. Use the cutouts for this activity.

Teacher: Look. Who is he ?

Student: He´s a firefighter.

Teacher: What´s the firefighter wearing ?

Student: He´s wearing black and yellow coat, green pants and blue boots.

I placed the community helpers cutouts on toilet paper tubes. They are easy to handle and can be used as puppets.

Teacher: who is this ? 

Students: The doctor!

Cutout Game: Play Riddles. Choose one of the community helpers and make sentences about him/her. The children guess who it is.
Teacher: He´s wearing a white hat.
Children: It´s the cook.

Cut out Activity : Invite several students to the front and give each one a toilet paper tube puppet. Name different workers and have the student holding the corresponding puppet step forward , show it to the class and name it.Have the class describe what the workers are wearing.

Mobile: With the cutouts you can make a mobile with a paper plate. Review the vocabulary words using the mobile. It can be a class decoration.

 same link at another store:

Community Helper Class Book. Divide the class into groups. Assign a community helper to each student on that group,  give them one of the templates provided with the occupation word. Have the students draw or cut out from a magazine their assigned worker. Have them trace the worker word or write it in the space provided.
Collect all the papers and staple them together to make a book per group. Invite a group member or all members to point to different pages from their book and show it to the class. I created a colored a black and white version for each community member.

Community Helper Printable Books: I made more books that can be read in class. I tried to use the vocabulary and structures that are appropriate for the level. There´s a colored version and a black and white version that you can color.There´s the fire fighter, the doctor, the teacher,the police officer.

I can create  another community helper book  if you need one, just let me know.

Badge: here´s a badge that I created after you have assessed the unit. The line is for the student´s name. I placed mine onto fun foam and a pin on the back.

Free Link: I found a lovely file at the Teachers pay Teachers store. The pictures are so cute that I made a wreath with a paper plate.  It be used as classroom décor and as a way to review the vocabulary words.

Here´s the free link: 

 I also created a game. I glued a craft stick behind each card . The students will match the community helper to their transportation card.

Pocket Chart: 
I bought this pocket chart long time ago and hardly ever make any activities to go with it. I included ambulance, police car, fire truck,  and bus. Use it to review colors and transportation vocabulary.

Free Printable Book: I see emergent reader book .

I made a big book for the teacher and a smaller version for the students.

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