Monday, April 8, 2013


Try to squeeze in even a 10 to 15 minute alphabet lesson. Use alphabet songs, books and coloring pages, crafts to make it fun.
 I created my own flashcards letters and are available fat
Here are links:
Full sized letters:

Half size letters:

Four letters on a page:

As always, great material can be found at, I love using clothespins, these are wooden with the Capital letters written with a sharpie.

 Alphabet games are great to plan for your lesson.Designate a letter for each week, using a particular order or not, depending on your syllabus.
File folder games: you can use basic file folders, but I loved colored ones. it is very easy to storage, so you can make lots of them and take up little space in your classroom. This file is from, you need to pay a suscription fee. I have the file if you need them.
I love fun foam, it´s so nice the material and so many possibilities. I found these letters and placed them on flowers which was the theme I was working on. 

Using craft sticks, make some letter pointers.

Or using these fun foam mats, make more pointers and recycle a can.

Work on fine motor coordination, even if you get to see your students only once or twice a week.

Lacing can be done with boys and girls, both of them will wear shoes with laces.
I use traditional colored laces of cord, but leather,vinyl ,plastic, suede laces are used as well.

 More alphabet ideas, activities and downloads in other blog posts.

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  1. I just love all the alphabet activities, they offer so many possibilities, we can actually use it to reinforce any topic and learn so many new words at the same time.

  2. Thank you Petra!! Join me as a guest blogger and share your alphabet ideas and pictures.

  3. nice work
    i really like it

    hope to show u what we in de DUKE LANGUAGE CENTER are doing to build it up

    keep up the good work

    all the best dear