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Birthday Theme

Birthdays mean a lot to children and it is a good idea to celebrate in a simple way each student’s birthday.

It´s easy to make a crown for the birthday child to take home.Use a store bought template like the one that I have here.

I created certificates to give to the Birthday child.  

Get the resources here:

or at my other store:

 And make some birthday pencils and have them handy. I bought some black pencils for my set and got an old can to work as a vase.  Cut the slits with an exacto and push the pencil. It also makes a nice decoration for the class.

I like to teach reading in the same way native speakers are taught to read, using these book that are available on the web. I lost the file for this book. I always make them big to read in class.

This cute activity is from I just made all the cake out of fun foam and painted the wood clothespin yellow to make the candles. 

As for Grammar, present the structure HOW OLD ARE YOU ? Make some  badges, necklaces  or blow some balloons with a number on each.  Have some children come up  and ask them their age, showing the number on the balloon. here´s the link , and print them on cardboard.

  Mind-maps could be an effective asset  to liven up the lesson.   It uses colored pictures,  to help organize the vocabulary. It is well established that showing children how to represent information using the imagery form not only stimulates but also increases activity in the brain (Marzano, 1998).
 I had the opportunity to teach using Mind Maps, it is the method used in the book Jigsaw, Macmillan Publishing. The children are to act out the dialogue.
       Grandma: Hi, Laurie. ( the green hand means Hello or Hi)
     Laurie: Hi, Grandma.
    Grandma: Happy Birthday. ( the cake is the representation)
    Laurie: Thank you. ( the checkmark)

Grandma: How old are you ? (The question mark and the cake makes up the question)

Laurie: Five.

Grandma: Five ? Happy Birthday !

This is a good theme for reviewing the numbers from  1 to 10. Make the  numbers out of  fun foam.

I made nine sets of numbers in different colors. 

Here are some games to play from the book Jigsaw  3
·         Show me game: hand out all the numbers to the students in a ramdom order. Say a number and have those students stand up and show it to the class.
·         Call out different numbers and the children hold up the corresponding numbers of fingers.

·         Draw numbers in the air, making sure you are facing the same direction as the children. Have children say that number aloud.
·         Place or write numbers on the board in ramdom order. two children come to the front of the class. Give both of them a fly swatter.Call out a number. The winner is the first child to hit the number with the fly 
swatter. ( My favorite game, the best gadget for the class)
·         Print the numbers from the template and place the numbers around the room. Call out a number. The winner is the first child to find the correct number.

Teacher: Find number seven.
·         Write the  numbers backward on the board, pointing to the numbers, starting with number 10, read them aloud.
·         Draw numbers on the board, but with your finger wet with water. Have them guess the number asking questions: What number is this ?
·         Place number flashcards on the floor and have students stand in a circle around them . Have them throw a beanbag at the flashcard and the class chorally identify the number it falls on.

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