Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Book:
Early success at reading acquisition is one of the keys that unlock a lifetime of reading habits (Cunningham & Stanovich, 1986, p. 147).
Before reading this story in class, teach some of the  vocabulary words, such as: turkey, numbers. You can do it by playing with words :
a-      Use gestures, like shrug your shoulders to indicate HOW MANY?, and point to your eyes for SEE.
b-     Show the prop: turkey
c-     Point to pictures in the book
After reading this book, you can point out concepts of print such as:
The book's front title: How many turkeys  do you see? and the end of the book that says THE END !

Got the template at, if you can´t find it there, let me know (, so I can send it directly to your mail.

Thanksgiving Glasses: Scholastic has these fun glasses, children can color them in. I used brads to fasten them. I think they still have them for free at their site; I do have the file to share.

Decoration:  decorating the classroom for this Holiday helps sets a better and enjoyable atmosphere for the students and help them remember this specific day. This cute guy comes from

Photo Props: these can provide students with a link to a Holiday they can´t hardly relate to. It also adds fun and sparks their imagination.
Write an email to request for the free templates.

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