Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quiet Critters

This is a Pinterest idea, I´m very addicted to it. Thinking that it might be nice to try it out with the preschoolers. Tell them that the  Quiet Critters come out when the classroom is super quiet. Place a critter on the desk of those students that are working quietly.
The critters belong to the classroom, they are not allowed to be taken home.
Just plan on how and when to use them. Take pictures and upload them at the Facebook group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.

You will need some colored pom poms, make them yourself or used the commercial ones. Then, hot glue a fun foam heart that would be the feet and add googly eyes

This works as a nice incentive. It might be good to make extra Quiet critters just in case they get lost or the eyes fall off.

If you have any more ideas on how to use these, let me know and be a guest blogger here telling us about it. I´d love to see how your Critters turned out...

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  1. My music teacher gives them away. She has quiet critters and creative/collaborative critters. At the end of class, she gives one quiet critter to the quietist student, and one creative to the most above and beyond student. She got it off of Pinterest, too. I am 10 years old btw.